Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet Harry!!

Hello stitching friends!

Things have been moving at a fairly quick pace around our house lately. Mike is off to work so maybe I will have a chance to sit and gather my thoughts.

Well, first of all I will introduce our newest family member, Harry.

We have had him a week today. Last Monday, Mike and I were out doing some errands, and before heading home we stopped at the animal shelter to see if they had any dogs that fit our needs, well they did! We didn't want a large dog and was hoping for one with a calm and gentle disposition that could tolerate cats. Also, wanted one that liked riding in the car. Well, we have lucked out on all counts!

In the week that we have had him, he has only barked twice I think. He is tolerating the cats well, and is very well behaved. Mike has been wanting a dog again for quite awhile. I have always been the cat person and Mike grew up with dogs only. But we are both animal lovers. Holly has fallen in love with this dog big time. He is her shadow when she is home. We lost our black lab, Sam a few years ago. She was a sweet dog, but was a handful in many ways. It is a very good thing to have found Harry with such a quiet, gentle disposition.

I have been doing some stitching.

I am making progress with Patriots Inn. I have to still hang some pieces on the walls in our newly finished rooms. I did hang up The Chase Sampler. It was finished many years ago, before I ever did any cross stitch. It was back in the days when I did needlepoint. But, I fell in love with this sampler on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg. I bought the kit there. My Mother-in-law did the crewel work at the bottom. The rest of the piece was stamped cross stitch on linen.

Please forgive the reflection.

I need to hang some more pieces on the wall so it seems more like home... lol. Guess it's time to fill the washer again and empty the dryer.

Our stitching group meets tonight. Woo Hoo! I didn't get there last time, so it will be good to see the girls!

happy stitching everyone! We are finally getting some beautiful Spring weather today. It was a rainy weekend, go figure.

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  1. Harry is so adorable and cute! Congratulations on your new addition.

    Patriots Inn is looking great. What a beautiful stitched piece in the frame. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Harry looks adorable!!!! How wonderful that he found the perfect home with you and your family. Love your stitched pieces!!!!!! I would love to stitch Patriot Inn some day.

  3. Harry is a cutie! He sounds like a wonderful companion for you, and he's adorable to boot! Love your Chase Sampler -- gorgeous! Love your WIP too!

  4. Harry is just adorable! The Chase Sampler is beautiful.

  5. Harry sounds like a good fit for your family! Your Chase sampler is beautiful!

  6. Aww...Harry looks like such a sweet pup. That is so nice that he gets along with the cats, too! Your sampler is lovely, Melody--you and your MIL make a great team :)

  7. Hello Melody!

    I kind of "lost" your blog from my blogger reader but now I find you again !! I am happy now !!!

    Harry looks like very cute and gentle dog :)
    What a joy he will bring to your home .

    The Sampler You have framed is very beautifull.

    Sorry for my poor english :) :)

  8. Harry is absolutely adorable and yeah for you for getting a shelter dog!!! I'm so glad he's just the right dog for your family. ! Love your Chase Sampler ~ it is absolutely gorgeous and how great that your MIL did some of the work. Makes it extra special, I think! Your WIP is looking great!

  9. What a sweet little guy! No doubt he'll be the perfect stitching buddy.

  10. Aawww.....Harry looks so sweet!!
    Love the sampler you and your Mother-in-Law worked on together. And great wip as well.

  11. Another dog on the stitching blogs. Stella says, "Welcome, Harry!"