Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day continues...

Dear stitching friends,

What a wonderful Mother's Day... My family has showered me with thoughtful presents. David bought new cushions for the deck chairs...

And Holly bought a pedicure spa, and beautiful nail polish...

With this thoughtful gift I've been promised a pedicure...

Then, yesterday Mike took me to Stitchin and Stuff in Clinton, IA. He wanted me to pick out my own Mother's Day present there... No complaints from me... I picked out some linen and overdyed flosses for this beauty.

Then I could'nt resist this cute little chart as well

So, I have been spoiled by all. Thanks to my wonderful family, you all know me well.

Happy Mother's Day. I hope you are enjoying a lovely day as well.
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  1. Lovely gifts, Melody! I'm glad you had a nice day! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you. I love your gifts, such a thoughtful family. We have no LNS so my DH let me loose with the credit card at 123 Stitch and others!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day!! What lovely gifts! So great! I hope you are enjoying the day!

  4. It seems that you had a wonderful day with great gifts. Enjoy stitching the two little beauties.

  5. Such wonderful gifts, Melody--looks like you have a relaxing summer ahead of you :)