Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday mornings

Good morning stitching friends!

I love Saturday mornings...especially when I have the day off...

There is time for a second cup of coffee or even a third cup...

Mike headed up to the library to deal with a computer problem, so Harry and I are sitting here enjoying the quiet.

Well, I have to admit you Downton Abbey fans are right, what an enjoyable addicting series! I finally got my hands on the season three DVD this week at the library. I was all alone last night, so I am in the middle of season 3 at this point. I won't give away details for those of you still watching it. But I have to say I've loved all of it!

Another favorite series set in Britain that I have loved is Doc Martin. If you haven't watched it yet, give it a try. Very enjoyable series.

So, with all the watching last night I made stitching progress on the sampler

Melicent Turner is coming along.

Perfect companion to Downton Abbey.

I went to a yard sale Thursday evening with David. He will be moving out of our house in a couple weeks to a house closer to where he is working. About 50 miles from here. So, he is keeping his eyes open for some things to help furnish it. We found a small black table, that could serve several purposes depending on what he needs. He also picked up a couple patio chairs. So he was pleased.

Whenever I'm at a sale I always keep my eyes open for frames that may be reused for stitching finishes. Heaven knows I have a drawer full of completed stitching that needs frames or other creative finishes.

Well I found a nice frame that I thought would be a suitable, I think this will be a great use for July by Prairie Schooler. So for a $4 investment, I think I can make this work.

Well Mike is back home after fixing the computer issue, so best be getting on with the day.

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  1. Love your stitchy goodies and love Downton!! It's a shame we have to wait so long to see more!

  2. Downton Abbey is so addicting and great to watch all in one sitting! Lovely progress on your Melicent and that frame is perfect for the PS stitch!!

  3. Downton Abbey...don't get me started! :) Love it!
    Have you watched "Calling the Midwife" also a lovely PBS series, past seasons are on Netflix instant play and current season is on Sunday nights on PBS. Another English setting....great show!
    Your stitching on Melicent is gorgeous and I love the frame you picked up for PS July!

  4. Glad you are enjoying your Saturday off. Love Downton!!!! I'll have to look up Doc Martin. Love your stitching. That frame you found is perfect for that piece -- and a pretty frame too!

  5. We must have the same tastes in tv. Doc martin has been along time favorite and we are now tuned into Downton Abby. I'm loving that Melicent Turner. Great luck with the frame . They can be so expensive.

  6. What a great find for the frame, Melanie! I just love that July PS--a definite must stitch this summer :)

    I'm another DA lover--am saving the final episode for a special occasion!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend...

  7. Milicent is looking great! I love Downton Abbey and Doc Martin is also a wonderful show. I blew through all the episodes and am missing the characters something awful!

  8. Very nice progress on Milicent. But that's no wonder because stitching along while watching great TV shows always includes some nice progress, lol.
    I love the frame you found for the PS piece.

  9. Another Downton addict here! I've also watched a bit of Doc Martin. LOVE BBC series! Your stitching is lovely, and what a great find on that frame. Enjoyed browsing your blog!