Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stitching progress..

I have been on vacation this week.  The weather has been beautiful, almost too warm for October in the midwest.  Low 80s.  About 10 degrees warmer than it should be.  I'm not complaining mind you.  The trees are really showing their beautiful autumn colors. 

I didn't have any goals I had to meet this week, just have done some jobs around the house that needed some attention.  It is just such a wonderful feeling to have time to putter around.  Today is my last day of vacation at home before Mike joins me.  He will be taking some days off also starting tomorrow. 

Mike helped me with taking some pictures this morning for my blog.  I had the autumn themed pieces in mind to change my blog header photo.  I actually have frames for two of the pieces, just need to stretch them and get them framed...

I have been enjoying some extra stitching time.  I have been working on a Christmas piece.  My friend Cathy handed it off to me at our last stitch group claiming the black fabric was just too hard for her to see to stitch.  She knew I liked the design also, so she just handed me her fabric and chart and said 'go for it'.

So, this is what I've been working on this week.  I finished all the gray at the bottom and I'm going to stitch the outside border next.  It will look good when finished I think.  Black fabric isn't my favorite color to work on but it does look really good with this design.

I recently finished up this Crows freebie.  I purchased some black and gold fabric for finishing.  I need to sew it into a long pillow.  I've seen photos of some of the finishes you all have done on this piece, and it's really cute.

This Jolly Jack piece was the last one I've finished.  I substituted some of the overdyed flosses from what was listed on the chart, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.  I need to press it, and decide on how to finish it.

I finished up this Silent Night ornament by Little House Needleworks recently also.  Again, it just final finish work needed....*sigh*  Can you tell this takes me much longer to get inspired to tackle instead of the actual cross stitching??? 

I got my favorite old quilt out for the photos I've posted.  I bought just the quilt top years ago at an auction, and then had the local senior citizen's ladies quilt it.  The local senior quilters have done many quilting projects over the years.  At the time I added my name to their waiting list it was like at least a year's wait.  But they do beautiful quilting.  I'm not sure if they still do this or not, it has been several years since I had this done.  I have one other quilt I had them quilt for me, it's a sampler quilt I pieced by hand.  My sister sewed the blocks and sashing together for me.  I will get a photo of it sometime and post it.  That is my total experience with  I do love quilts, I just love cross stitching more.

I will end this long post with one more cat photo.  Our daughter, Holly took this photo the other day, and I have to share.

Annie is pretty photogenic.  She likes posing!  LOL.  Holly caught her looking out the living room window the other day and got this shot. 

Well, guess that's the update from my neck of the woods...hope you are all enjoying some beautiful Fall weather.

Happy stitching..