Sunday, May 22, 2016

And... They're hung!

Weird post title but I wanted to share a picture of the birds hanging in the dining room.
I'm happy with how they turned out. It's just what I had in mind when I started stitching them, and that isn't always the case.

You can see to the side, Joe and Holly carried the big cupboard into the dining room for me tonight. I just finished putting the dishes back. It's amazing how much these old cupboards can hold!
It's nice to have everything washed and put away. I have one bag of stuff for goodwill, and a few things for Lauren.

Addy spent the afternoon at our house with me. She wasn't keen on the noisy power tools in use at their house today. 
This Grandma is pooped tonight. Too tired to stitch! Lol

Take care friends and happy stitching!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Where did April go and how can it be this close to the end of May??

Hello Stitchy Friends 

Well I have to admit I am woefully behind on updating my blog.  I just managed to catch up on reading blogs this week.  I'm always happy to catch up with what all is going on with you, and see your beautiful stitches.  I've gotten out of my old routine of reading blogs with morning coffee before work.  Since Henry's arrival my morning routine has altered to taking him outside for that first potty break of the day.  He's doing much better, but he still is a very busy pup that needs supervision.

Things have been busy around here.  The guys decided on doing some home improvement projects that have taken serious chunks of free time.  We decided to fence in our backyard to make it a little easier for Henry's outside enjoyment. (And ours!) We have some much needed improvements scheduled to happen this summer in the backyard.  But, the fence turned out great as a first step.
Our son knew his Mom wanted something a little fancy for a gate so this is what he came up with
Since it's been completed we did get it painted white. It looks good white. Please don't notice the house in need of painting. I'm hoping it will be on next years list.  The yardwork is endless.  It's not one of my favorite things to do.  Our daughter in law, Lauren, loves working in the yard much to my delight. I'm hoping she will work her way to our yard to work some magic.  

Then, we decided the carpet in the dining room had to go.  Too many pet accidents. I honestly don't think shampooing was going to fix it.  So, out came the nasty carpet and in went a laminate floor.  Our son in law, Joe, did this project with help from Mike.

It looks so much better. But, I still have one large cupboard that needs to get unloaded and moved in there.  It seems like the weekends are so packed trying to squeeze stuff in.  So, I guess that brings you current with projects here.  Well to frost the cake even more, so to speak, our son has started a fence project at their house, so I've been helping stain fence boards for that.  Then, our daughter and son in law are rebuilding their downstairs bathroom from scratch.  Mike has helped them some with that too.
It's great that everyone pitches in together to help.  We've worked on David's fence on nice weather weekend hours, and the bathroom on rainy ones.  The projects still have a long way to go.

On the Friday before Mother's Day, Mikes's younger brother passed away.  He had been ill with cancer for the last several months.  Of course we didn't quite expect it to happen as soon as it did.  It was up to us, and his other brother to plan his services.  We also cleaned out his things.  He had been in hospice care the last couple months.  So, it has been difficult dealing with all of this.  Sad times.

On to some stitching news.  I did get to my LNS to pick up some framing.

I was happy with Addy's birth sampler.

I also got my four Prairie Schooler birds framed.  I'm planning to hang them in the dining room.

Then I framed this piece that I had stitched for Mike several years before for our Anniversary.  I haven't decided for sure where to hang it.  But I think it will fit in the bedroom ok.

I picked up Lauren's Mirabella for her.
They promptly hung it up in their living room. They picked out a pretty frame.

I've been stitching on this of late
I have a mirror image of the birds to go on the other side of the verse, then it will be done.  

We celebrated Addy's first birthday with a big party near the end of April.  She had so much fun. I think she liked being the center of attention.
Her Mom, and Aunt Heidi did a great job with a cute theme of Rainbow Fish.
Her shirt was so cute, it said "wild one", then she had cute silver sparkly skirt and shoes.
You notice on her chalkboard sign I get billing with the I love grandma? ❤️
I hope I haven't bored you with the family news.  But I like having my blog share my life happenings as well as my stitching endeavors.

I'm hoping it won't be so long before I do another post. Happy stitching everyone!