Monday, March 9, 2015

Signs of Spring!

Hello Friends.

I just finished catching up on blog reading over my morning cup of coffee In my favorite mug.
 You are all so darn inspirational!  The beautiful things you make just have me thinking gee, I need to add that to my stash too.  Lol.

We are all so excited for Spring to arrive. It sure seems like it was a long cold winter.  We have been plagued with ice that hung around for at least 2 or 3 weeks.  It never warmed up enough to melt.  But that should change this week!  We have temps projected in the 40s or better all week. That is guaranteed to bring smiles.

I got new glasses last week.  I love getting new ones! I get excited about having a whole new look.  For the first time in a long time I have plastic frames.  I guess I chose well, because Holly commented that they were cute.  Nice when your daughter thinks you made a cool choice. Lol.

I have been working on bird #2 in the Prairie Schooler bird series. We had to take our car to the dealership an hour away this morning for a bit of recall work, so I took my stitching along with.  

As you can see I am working on the black capped chickadee.  He just needs the rest of the leaves and berries stitched and then he will be finished.  I'm not sure if I will start a third bird after this one is done or not.  

Weren't there some beautiful pieces released at Nashville?  I told myself I didn't need to be serious about purchasing any of them, but I especially like several that Brenda from With Thy Needle released.
These two are my favorite ones.  I do love the look of the over dyed threads but after you figure the cost of them and chart and fabric the Cherry Tree Hill piece comes out to about $92.  Ouch. So I'm still mulling this over. I sometimes use a combination of DMC flosses with over dyed ones to make it less costly.  What are your thoughts? Do you do the same or stick only to what the designer has done?

Well, I best sign off for now and get something accomplished today.
Happy stitching!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Hello Stitchy friends!

I had to do a quick post to share a finish. The blue jay is done! Now I have to decide what to start next...
He is 5 1/2" square, it would be nice to find frames that would work for them at Michaels or somewhere. I will have to start looking.  

When I pressed him I took a picture of Robins Song to share.
It looks like 2015 stitching has a bird theme... Lol. Totally unplanned.

Well it's off to the grocery store now. 
Hope you're having a good weekend.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

February nearly gone

Hello stitching friends!

I'm slow in getting another post written.  I can't believe I haven't posted since before Valentine's Day!  Well, I have been stitching, going off to work everyday, reading, and doing the other usual things.  I have finished "A Robins Song"!!!  I actually finished it February 10.  I'm going to try to do better this year in tracking start dates and finish dates of stitching projects.  I'm very diligent about doing that with the books I read, but haven't ever been too focused on stitching completion lists.  Nor do I have lists of projects waiting for their turn to be stitched.  I guess I'm more of a free spirit and go with what strikes me at the time.

Right now the finished piece is languishing on the ironing board upstairs in my sewing room.  I will share a picture soon.  I think it will be going to my LNS soon for framing.  I have several pieces there now since she had a framing sale late in January.  I will share pictures of them after I get them home.

I've been catching up on blog reading.  I was woefully behind at one point, but I'm happy to say I'm caught up for now at least.  Mike was home sick from work two days last week with bronchitis.  He rarely takes a sick day, so I know he felt crappy.  But that threw my schedule off... I figured I would be the next lucky person to catch the bug, but so far it hasn't happened.  

I did start the blue jay from the Prairie Schooler chart "birds and berries".  I was lucky to borrow the chart from a stitching friend.  I saw it online awhile back and couldn't get it out of my mind that I wanted to stitch 2,3 or all 4 of these to hang in our dining room.  We have bird fabric valences in there, and I kept thinking these would look great with them.  
So I took this photo last night.  You can see I am nearly done.  I just have to finish the second green shade on the remaining leaves and add the second color to the berries.

I will have to share pictures of the pretty flowers that brightened up Valentine's Day.

We opted for dinner at home instead of going out.  We felt it would just be too crowded.  It was a good choice.  
I was happy to find these tulips at the grocery store as well.  There's nothing better than some early spring flowers! 

We had snow again last night and are supposed to have bitter cold for the next few days just to warm up a bit for another snow event on Sunday.  I'm so tired of winter!

We went shopping for a baby crib for the much anticipated baby in our family.  There's a baby shower and Dad shower planned for late March.  The kids have been working hard on finishing up some remodeling projects at their house before the out of state family members arrive for the baby shower.  Mike has been offering assistance and I have been doing meals for everyone fairly often.

Well it's about time to head off to work.  Hope you are finding lots of quality stitching time!
Stay warm.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Snowy Monday

We are having some snow flurries this morning.  It is so pretty because these have been the bug white fluffy flakes.  It is so quiet. I have to admit I enjoy this more from inside our house, with no real destination or schedule today.  Other than a dentist appointment later.  I don't think we are supposed to be getting anything major in regards to the snow.  Nothing like those of you in the northeast!

I have been diligently working on Robins Song.
Forgive the wrinkles.  I see I also have my needle by the house window I am filling in.  It's been a fun piece to work on.  I especially like what will be the center square.  But I've always liked quilt type designs done as cross stitch.  

I am feeling kind of pressured to get this done as I have so many other things waiting for me.  I finally got the over dyed white floss to finish the BBD Cardinal piece.  Then I have a close friend that has asked me to stitch something for her.  
She is not a cross stitcher, but wants to make this basket, with me doing the cross stitch for it.  It shouldn't take too long.  

Then I have been thinking about a baby sampler...  I want Holly to pick a design she likes. The kids are working on the baby's room now.  Joe is finishing up re-wiring the upstairs of their house, then they will be ready to paint her room.  Holly picked out a pretty soft minty green.  She's in love with the owl treetop theme from Target.  So she wants to decorate with wall decals from that.  I was looking at the baby in a pea pod in a tree design from Bent Creek.  But haven't decided for sure yet.
We have no lack of projects around here!!  

I have been enjoying some spots of indoor color recently 
The Christmas cactus has been putting on a beautiful show of late.  It has been so pretty.

Then when I was at the grocery store yesterday I had to pick up this sweet little primrose.
I'm not sure how long it will last but a spot of something green blooming is welcome.

Well I hope you are finding time for stitching during these winter days.  It looks like it's time to head out into the day.

Happy stitching friends!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Frigid January

Hello Stitching Friends 

Greetings from the deep freeze.  We had a high temperature yesterday of -5, and wind chills have been unspeakable.  The days prior to the very cold we received about 7" of snow.  So it hasn't been very hospitable here in the Midwest.

I have had some stitching time, and time to finish my current book and start another one.  I even unpacked the sewing machine I got for Christmas, read the instructions and got it threaded up successfully.  
I managed to sew up a simple pillow finish for the little owls I stitched for the anticipated baby in our family.  I'm impressed with the sewing machine.  It seems to have lots of nice features.  It isn't anything that was expensive.  I have to say I was shocked at some of the prices I saw for sewing machines when I was looking for one.  Many cost more than the first car I bought.  (Wow that makes me sound old). 

I've always felt rather inadequate at sewing skills.  But I usually can manage simple projects.  I need to spend some more time getting comfortable with this.

I still haven't received the necessary weeks dye works whitewash to finish the cardinal piece.  But I have been making good progress on the new start of January 1st.  I started the owls on December 30 or so and finished them on January 1.  Then I pulled this piece out of my stash.

So, here's where I left off last night

I had the leaves done under the bird on the left, but ended up frogging out the brown stem and leaves because they were off.  So I restitched the stem and the brown circle yesterday.  It has been a fun one to work on.  I have to admit there isn't anything better than stitching in bright sunlight streaming in the windows!  Wow!  I usually do most of my stitching in the evening by lamplight.  I do have a floor standing ott light for when I need it.  But, I have to say sunshine trumps it!  

Well, I had best be getting ready to head off to work. We've been closed some for the bad weather, so there's going to be lots to catch up on.  

Stay warm, and happy stitching!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

And another Christmas has come and gone

Hello Stitching Friends

Its hard to know where to start.  We had a great family Christmas with good food, and great times.  The best part is our family being together.  Mike was able to take a vacation day and have Christmas off this year.  I told him that was the best present of all.  He works at a job that never has closed days or holidays, and runs 24/7, 365 days a year, so when he's able to be home all day on a holiday, it's a treat.

I have been using up the remainder of my vacation time over the last part of December, which has been nice.  I will be back to work tomorrow, but then the library will be closed on January 1.  I'm sure there will be lots for me to catch up on there.

I have caught up with reading blog posts today.  It was fun reading about everyone's holiday celebrations.  

We took our tree down yesterday.  It was looking very sad.  The weekend before Christmas our daughter brought their kitten over to our house for us to keep overnight while they went on a short trip.  Well, needless to say, the cats residing at our house were not too happy with this small visitor that was filled with so much energy and mischief!  He thought the Christmas tree was his personal cat toy, and took delight making a running leap into the tree and batting at the ornaments, knocking down as many as he could....  I was not happy with him.
He looks sweet and innocent here, but believe me, he wasn't!  So after he went home, I repaired the tree as best I could, but it just didn't look as good as it did before.  Then to top it off 1 of the strings of lights went out the other evening.  So, it was time to take it down.

On Christmas morning, the kitten, Hendrix, came back with Holly and Joe, and then to turn the adventures up several more notches, our son David, and his fiancée Lauren, brought their dog with them. It made for a crazy morning for sure.  Our animals, for the most part went and hid from these four legged family members.  Hendrix was terrified of David's dog.  So, he made himself scarce as well.  After awhile everyone settled down and discovered they could tolerate each other.

I had hoped to get the Cardinal finished this year, but I ran out of the over dyed floss I'm using for the snowflakes and words.  I will call and order a skein tomorrow when my LNS opens.  

I'm sorry for the wrinkles.  I just have the words to finish along the bottom and it will be done.

So, last night I was looking through some charts trying to decide what would call to me the loudest.  Before I made a decision, Holly was asking me if I had any cute owl designs I could stitch for the baby's nursery.  She is going to decorate it in the treetop owl theme she fell in love with at Target.

So, I had her look and she chose this design of three little owls. We found the freebie on Pinterest.
 So I found an over dyed floss I had on hand along with some white linen, and got started.    I will finish it as a small pillow she can put on a shelf.  It's always fun to start something new.  The little owls should stitch up fairly quick.

I haven't pulled any other new project to start on January first.  I love the idea of a new start in the new year.  I will have to give this some more thought.  I do want to finish the book I'm currently reading to add to my list of finishes for 2014.  I've read 70 books this year.  

If I get ambitious I need to put away the other Christmas decorations from around the house.  But I don't think it's going to happen today....  

Happy New Year!  

Friday, December 5, 2014

Decking the halls

Hello friends!

I've been busy this week!  I went back to work this week after having the last 10 days off.  So there was lots to catch up on.  A flurry of emails, snail mail, book orders, etc. etc.  

Last Sunday Mike and I helped the kids get moved into their new house.  Holly was very sick with a stomach bug, so she was benched at our house on the couch.  But, we got it done, and I also got the boxes unpacked for the kitchen and everything put away.  Then I've also been busy helping do curtains for the kitchen and bathroom.  Best part was Holly finally felt better by the next day.  

Then, after the big move, and work, I've been trying to get our house decorated.  I have to share a few of my favorite Christmas stitches.

I have more Christmas stitching that I haven't shared.  I think it's so much fun to see pictures of your homes decorated for the holidays.  
I have a small collection of snow globes.

Here's a shot of our tree.  Many of the ornaments I've made but many others are from exchanges with our stitching group.  

One last snow globe, on our kitchen table.

I really like how this one was finished.  That is my sister's finishing efforts on my stitching.

A prairie schooler favorite.

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas tour of stitching on display at our house!  Thanks for visiting.