Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday ramblings

I'm happy to say the baby shower is over, and all went well.  I had promised in an earlier post a new picture of Joplin.  She has grown into quite the cat.  She is pictured here 'helping' with the rubber stamping event I was into around Valentine's day.
I have a few minor clean up details from the shower to do today, and to attend to some more laundry...but then, who knows?!  I got up early this morning and have been drinking coffee, catching up on blogs... 
You are all doing some fabulous stitching out there!  I'm a little tired of winter themed stitching...I keep thinking of bunnies and Spring type pieces...  But, I will persevere and finish February before I venture off to something new.  I did stitch some more on it last night, I was too tired to do anything else. 
Here's hoping you are all having a wonderful weekend and accomplishing whatever you are planning to do. 
Once DH gets up, we'll see what is going to happen around here...  He said something about going somewhere today, so we'll see what transpires.

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello Everyone!

Progress is being made on Prairie Schooler February.  It would have been nice to finish this in February, but that's not going to happen!  The month is going by too fast.  I am enjoying stitching on this piece tho. 

Things have been busy around our house as usual.  Our daughter and a couple of friends are hosting a baby shower this afternoon for another friend, so I have been helping her with that.  We made about 45 mini-cheesecakes yesterday.  I topped some with cherries and some with a blueberry topping.  I hope they are good.  The girls have also made some cupcakes. 

We celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday.  Twenty-seven's gone by fast.  We went out for dinner at a nice restaurant we've been wanting to try.  I'm not sure it lived up to the 'hype', but it was a very pleasant day with my sweetie.

Guess, I've carried on long enough, hope you are all enjoying your stitching time.  I've been drooling over some of the new releases from the 'market' this month.  I want to get the new Cricket Collection Spring design.  I have stitched the Winter one, and have the chart for the Summer one.  It was a fun stitch.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I thought I'd share a picture of the flowers from my dear hubby.  Hope all of you spent the day doing something you love, with people dear to you.  We had a nice dinner at home, with both kids here to share it with us. 

Since our Anniversary is just 11 days away, we will most likely go out somewhere then to celebrate. 

In closing I have to share a picture of one of our other cats, Joplin.  She is actually our daughter's cat.  She was just born last March, so she is still very playful and full of trouble.  She too, likes to "help" with any and all projects!  This actually is a photo of her when she first came to live with us last year.  I'll share an updated photo next time.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Dance!

Here is the "Library" by Little House Needleworks, finished at last!  This one seemed to take me awhile to finish, there are lots of rows of solid stitching.  But, I am glad it goes into my "finished" pile. 

I have been working on Prairie Schooler February.  It has been a fun stitch so far.  I have my eye on "As the Crow Flies" to move to the top of my list for the next stitch after this one.  It is one of the new Prairie Schooler charts.  I do really enjoy stitching Prairie Schooler charts, but have done pieces by several other designers as well.  I will have to check through my fabric stash to see if I have anything suitable for the piece, if not, I'll have to make a trip to the closest needlework shop.

Sadly, the closest shop is about 65 miles from me.  Some years past, I had a shop just 12 miles away.  I was sorry to see it close.  However, the former shop owner  is a member of our stitching group.  It is so nice to have a group that enjoys getting together to stitch.  There are about seven of us that get together every other Monday night.  We take turns having it at someone's house. We also have a special get together at Christmas when we exchange ornaments.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of people that have left comments and visited my blog.  I am so very pleased to have all of you visit.  Thanks for the comments.  I know that takes some extra time to do, and I do so appreciate it.

I got out my rubber stamping supplies and made some Valentine's cards last night.  That is fun to do, I don't do it often enough.  But, I'm glad I found the time to do some cards for my family and a few friends. 

I hope all of you have a lovely Valentine's Day, and find sometime to do whatever your heart desires. I am closing this post with a picture of one of our cats, Annie is part siamese and my constant companion.  She loves to "help" cross stitch! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quiet Saturday

I wanted to share a picture of some small projects that I finished recently.  My sister was home and assisted in the finish work.  She has a talent for that!    She also made the table runner you can see in the background.  But, I was pleased with them all.  The Prairie Schooler snowman basket was a Christmas gift to someone in my stitching group.

This was also my first attempt at making cording from floss.  I will have to remember how to do this and make some more the next time I need some for finishing.  It is so much easier to work with than the glossy nylon braid you purchase at the fabric store. 

I am thrilled to have some followers and commenters to my blog.  Welcome! 

Happy Stitching....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Library Finished!

I stayed up last night to finish 'the library'.  I was so close to being done, I didn't want to head off to bed until it was finished!  Yeah!!  I will post a picture after pressing.

Now, I need to press it and put it in the pile that needs to be framed.  I sometimes luck out and find frames at yard sales, and for some my hubby makes frames. 

I try to do flat folds, or other types of creative finishes some times too.  If I had unlimited funds at my disposal, I would 'outsource' all my finishing work, since it isn't my favorite thing to do...

I am looking forward to pulling out some of my stash tonight to decide what project will be next.  I was drooling over the new Prairie Schooler patterns I saw on Mary Kathryn's blog the other day...  In fact, I weakened and ordered three of them.  So, I will have a good surprise to watch for in the mail.

Well, the snow has moved out of our area today, and roads have been cleared, so it is back to work today.  We are opening the library at 1.  Hopefully the parking lot will be cleared by then.  It's bitterly cold today.  Still below zero at mid-morning....  But I am sure people will be venturing out, since cabin fever is most likely running rampant.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We seem to be in the middle of what our area news folks are labelling "snowmageddon".  I guess it's a good excuse to spend hours planted in the 'stitching chair' making some progress on my current project.

I am sharing a picture of one of my favorite completed projects.  I did this along with my sister and neice.  We had a friendly race to see who was the first to finish. 

It's "Four Seasons" artist, Marjolein Bastin.   Chart published by Leisure Arts I think.