Sunday, January 27, 2013

January almost gone

Looks like we have a chance of freezing rain today. Absolutely my least favorite type of weather forecast. I had to laugh, my daughter and her friend were puzzling over the icon on the weather app for today. The picture I took below is rather fuzzy, but the girls determined it was light bulbs sprouting from the ground, so their thought was today's weather would be very interesting. LOL.

I have been reading your blogs full of stitching inspirations. I am still working on 'baby it's cold outside'. Progress is being made. Although I have probably ripped more on this piece than others in recent memory.... I went over to a friends house last night for a color consultation. I started the green diamonds in the border, but was not happy at all with my choice of floss color. She agreed, so out it came. I don't have enough of the crescent colors spinach to stitch the border, so I am just matching some dmc for the border diamonds. This piece just needs the border and the snowflakes and then it will be done.

I have been thinking about Spring, I have a couple of Spring themed pieces I would like to stitch this year, so I may start one of them next.

I have had this chart for a long time. So I have been thinking maybe this year I will do it. I already have the linen ready for it as well. So, that moves it up even higher in the possibility list.

I have thought about some valentine starts as well....

The birds of a feather isn't really a valentine type piece, but I have liked this one for a long time.

But this birds of a feather piece is valentine themed. Our wedding anniversary in in February. So, I may stitch this up and so some personalization for that. The little couple on the chart are funny...don't resemble Mike and me at all.

The family is stirring around here. I will have to give some thought about cooking later.

Hopefully the freezing rain event won't be anything major. I know if it is, I will elect to stay inside and stitch the day away.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday, doing something fun!

Happy stitching.

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  1. Stay warm! Love your "Baby It's Cold Outside".
    Great projects you are lining up as well!

  2. Your Baby It's Cold Outside is looking great! Love what you're contemplating stitching too. That BOAF will be great for your anniversary! Hope the ice storm isn't bad for you.

  3. I started Baby It's Cold Outside on the recommended 36 ct Ale and I just could not do it. Was making a lot of mistakes. I have used 35 ct and so I thought 36 count would not be much different. The eyes just can't see that well anymore, even with cheater glasses. I am going to start over on a 32 count fabric. I was wondering what count your stitching yours on?

    Have a great Sunday,
    Judy in Colorado

  4. Your project is looking great. I love planning for the next thing too, the reap what you sow from boaf would be my choice. CJ in OK

  5. "Baby It's Cold Outside " looks great and is so appropriate!! It looks like you have many good possibilities!

  6. I love your Baby, It's Cold Outside! Nice choices for your next WIPs, too. I'm always partial to BOAF designs. I just wish they were still designing.

  7. I do hope you're getting this mid-week heat-wave like we are, Melody--what a strange January it has been weatherwise!!

    Baby, It's Cold Outside is so cute--sorry the frog has been an unwelcome visitor! Hope he's moved on now...just not to my house :)

    Lots of fun upcoming projects await you--love them all!

  8. Oh yes, Valentine stitching, spring stitching - that's what I need as well. A great choice of charts you show here.