Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time flies

Hello stitching friends!

It has been almost 3 weeks since I have posted last...don't know where the time has gone...

I have been keeping up with reading blogs and I have done some stitching. I will share photos.

My niece, Barb, was here to visit this past week, so I spent some time with her. We went to see the new Bruce Willis movie the other night. So, that was fun. Then, yesterday we drove up to Orland Park to explore The country cupboard. It was the first time there. We had lunch at Giordano's first. I found out she had never had Chicago style pizza before, so I suggested we stop there for lunch. I think she liked it. I also brought a pizza home for Mike and the kids. They would have disowned me if they found out I had been there for lunch without bringing them home pizza...

We enjoyed the shop. I bought a piece of linen for this

I took advantage of the Super Bowl sale at the Silver Needle and picked up the red cottage chart and got the linen for this

I also picked up this ornament chart.

These two charts are what i purchased yesterday. So, i have no shortage of new beautiful pieces to work on!!

I did finish these two pieces recently

For some reason I had to rip out more mistakes on this design than anything I can remember in a long time. But, in the end it was a pretty finish. Sorry for the sideways picture.

Then, before Valentine's day I stitched up this cute little piece. I added the year of our wedding since we have an anniversary coming up this month.

Then, after that finish I started this one

I have made good progress on it, and it is much cuter than the chart photo.

This weekend Mike and I went for a drive to see if the eagles were still at the lock and dam. There were a few flying around but were really too far away for photos. So, we drove on. We ended up stopping at another spot along the river and Mike spotted this owl sitting in a tree. He was pretty happy about it, since he has been looking for one for quite awhile.

He is a barred owl. The light was great and there weren't any other people around, the owl didn't really care we were there, so Mike was able to get some great pictures. He was pretty happy about our photo outing!

I was able to take an extra day off work this week due to President's Day. So, I am home today catching up on laundry and grocery shopping.

I hope you had a good weekend, and found time to do some stitching! I will be visiting your blogs to see what you have all been up to!

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  1. Great new stash! All of your finishes are beautiful. I love the little Valentine piece.

  2. Great stuff you picked up! Sounds like you had a great time with your niece and your hubby. :)

  3. Love your finishes and your start too! Beautiful! Love your stash as well! Yummy! Glad you had a good time with your niece too. Great owl pics -- I bet your DH was pleased!

  4. Oh Melody - wonderful stash additions! And such lovely stitching too. The BOAF Love is perfect and PS birds will be wonderful too. I'm envious of your great barred owl picture. Most people do not realize that several kinds of owls are active in the daytime.

  5. Baby it's cold outside is beautiful. And the little love piece is cute. I always think highly of PS but the spring design is extra cute. CJ in OK

  6. Great stitches and goodies!! Love the shot of the owl!

  7. Love all of your finishes and that PS WIP is so beautiful. I hadn't really paid much attention to that chart, but seeing your work makes me think I may have to give it a second look :)

    Love the owl photo--what a cute bird!!

  8. Lots of fun photos of projects to come and finished. I absolutely love the Baby It's Cold Outside piece. I started it but didn't like my fabric choice, and haven't gone back to it yet. Have you noticed how many red houses there are in patterns lately?

    Keep up the good work.


  9. Lovely new stash.
    I have A Red Cottage and hope to start it soon.
    I really love your Prairie Schooler WIP and the Birds of a Feather finish is very cute.