Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wintry Sunday

Hello Stitchy Friends!

I am sitting at the kitchen table thinking about a blog post. It's long overdue. We had some snow overnight. Just enough to make everything white again. The snow from earlier in December had just about disappeared. What's nice about this morning is we had time to leisurely drink our coffee together. Mike has been posted at the back door watching with his camera to capture some of the pretty birds that have been showing up at our feeders.

This male cardinal and his female partner are frequent visitors. They are so pretty, especially against the snow.

This handsome boy is harder to photograph, he doesn't hang around long. I actually got this shot.

Last Saturday we were at lock and dam 14 on the Mississippi River doing some eagle watching. They show up near us every winter during January and February. They are such majestic birds.

You can actually get quite close to them. They seem to be used to the gawkers.

Mike got an action shot of this one catching his fish out of the river. Pretty cool.

Mike is actually in the garage right now cutting a picture frame for me. I have a stash of frames that I've acquired from various places. He is taking one of them apart and recutting it to fit this

I stitched this 'Winter' piece by Cricket probably a couple of years ago, and its been languishing in my drawer of pieces needing frames. Maybe I will be lucky enough to get it finally framed this month....

I also pulled out these beauties.

Winter by Prairie Schooler.

And February also by Prairie Schooler. I have stitched some of the monthly pieces from them but not all by any means.

Mike just came in half frozen from the garage. Had to come in for coffee and to warm up his hands.

Well, hope you are enjoying your Sunday. We will see what the rest of today brings around here. I have promised the family fried chicken for dinner. So I will be cooking dinner later on.

Happy stitching.

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  1. I love love love the bird photos!! Fantastic shots. Beautiful finishes, too! I'm looking forward to seeing them in their frames.

  2. I enjoyed the bird pictures! We seem to get a lot of little brown birds in our yard - nothing with too much color. :) It must be nice to have a handy husband. I look forward to seeing the frames. :)

  3. Love your bird photos! And great finishes too ~ looking forward to seeing them in their frames!

  4. I have seen cardinals only in the blog posts from USA /Canada ,here in Finland we do not have those pretty red birds.

    I feed little birds daily with sunflower seeds and peanuts -the winter is extremely cold here and our "little friends " need some extra food to keep them warm.
    Everyday I have bullfinches and bluetits on my garden as well as many other birds but I do not know their names in english..

    You have done lovely Prairie Schooler stitches :)

    Excuse me my funny english :)

  5. What great pics of the birds outside! You have some nice samplers ready for framing. Nice of your DH to be cutting frames for you!

  6. So many nice winter pieces!!I loved seeing the birds. We have no cardinals in the Seattle area. We had lots of them in Kentucky. I miss their pretty red color.

  7. Isn't it wonderful to be able to see these beautiful birds this time of the year! Your samplers are just wonderful!
    Dinner sounds yummy!!!

  8. The birds really are a welcome spot of color in the snow, aren't they?

    Love the samplers, Melody--I've been thinking about doing the PS February one, myself. We'll see if I manage to start it :)

  9. Love your bird photos Melody. Its great being able to see peoples personal photos of the birds that live in their neighbourhoods.