Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello Stitchy Friends!

Wow, another post already, you say?  Well, I was inspired after reading Lynda's post with her clever daybook meme.  But, what inspired me most was that she included a picture of the library where she works. 

I thought, why haven't I shared a photo of our library before?  So, thought I should remedy that.

Our library is a Carnegie as well.  It is pretty evident in the photo.  Naturally this photo was taken in warmer weather than today...

It was back to work for me today. There was lots to do.  Then, I had to take a break this afternoon to accompany our daughter to the doctor.  She found out she has strep throat.  Ugh.  So, off to the pharmacy for penicillin.  I got my flu shot when we were at the dr. office. 

I tend to try to go with our daughter for appointments and things when I can.  It helps her feel more comfortable, since she is mostly deaf.  She reads lips very well. 

I am glad this is going to be a short week.  Ease back into routines.  I did manage to get the Christmas tree taken down yesterday.  What a job.  It seems like it's much more fun to put the decorations out than to put them away.  Hopefully on Saturday I will be able to finish the un-decorating around here.

Well, wish us luck that the strep throat doesn't spread to the rest of us.  I know from many first hand experiences that it's no fun at all.  Fun fact about me,  I had my tonsils out at the ripe age of 42.  Believe me, it's no fun at all when you are that old.  But, the incidents of getting strep throat each winter seemed to increase.  So, I had them removed.  Not a fun 10 days at all.  But, in retrospect, it's a good thing I had it done. (That was over a decade ago, so it gives you an idea of my age...).  :)

Well, hope you are all finding some stitching time in the new year. 

Happy Stitching.


  1. I hope you stay strep free and your daughter gets better soon. My son used to get strep every winter when he was young! Definitely not fun!

  2. Hope your daughter is on the mend soon. Love the picture of your library. Recently there was an article in my local paper about Carnegie libraries in the Cincinnati area. I had no idea that's who had funded them. Lovely buildings with personality! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh yuck! I hate strep throat! My son used to get it every year for a while. Not fun at all, like you said. 42 is a very advanced age for getting your tonsils out. Wow. Love your library -- so pretty! Congrats on getting the tree down!

  4. Oh, I LOVE your library, Melody!! Ours is ugly--a modern, 70s-style energy efficient (supposedly) brick building with very few windows. The inside is nice, but not at all cozy. I'd love to work in a place like yours :)

    Interesting about your tonsillectomy at age 42! My son is thinking about having his out at age 24 and I thought that was old. He has to do something, though, as his throat problems are just getting worse...

    Happy New Year to you--love your Reindeer Roundup finish from your previous post :)

  5. Your cross stitching is amazing.