Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sad here

Hi Stitching Friends.

We've been very sad at our house over the past week.  We had to put our beloved dog, Harry to sleep last week.  
I know I've shared pictures of him before.  This is one of my favorites.  After a few consultations with our vet, we decided it was time.  He developed Cushings Disease, and had gotten very sick,  to the point that he wasn't having much quality of life.  We are slowly adjusting to this, but it is going to take time.  He was a dog we rescued from an area shelter, not realizing he was as old as he was.  But, he needed us, and I'm glad we were able to love him and give him some happy times.

On the stitching front, I've been very busy trying to finish Summer at Cherry Hill.
This is where I left off
I just have the grassy area to do at the bottom.  I did have to put it aside though to start this
I need to get this done before the wedding for our son and future DIL, in mid-September.
I've made decent progress I think. I haven't been working on it too long.  I call them the headless couple at this point.... Lol. The chart calls for DMC, which I'm using. But I like the way the chart globe looks better than mine... But I'm not ripping it out!  They used Gentle Art, Slate. The DMC alternate is 932 which is what I used.  I'm happy the globe matched up.  

After I finish this, I need to revisit some wips that are languishing around here and finish them!!
It seems like I put a lot of time in Cherry Hill. There's quite a bit of stitching there.  

Well, I have to head back to work this evening for our monthly Board of Trustees meeting. I will have to take my umbrella, we're in the midst of a thunderstorm.  

Addy continues to entertain and delight us.
She is shown here with the son of our daughters friend.  She is becoming very vocal with cute little noises.  She loves 'talking' with us!  

Happy stitching friends!


  1. Your stitching projects are really lovely and a wedding is such a happy event to look forward too.

    I am truly sorry for your loss of your precious dog, Harry. He was so lucky to have been rescued and find a loving family. Blessings to you .

  2. I am so sorry to read about Harry. It is wonderful that you rescued him, and even if your time together was limited, it was happy quality time. I know you will miss him for days and months to come. In the meantime you have a wedding and lovely baby to lift your spirits.

  3. Dear Melody, we lost our precious Staffy boy last year in November and I didn't think I wanted another, but in June we decided to adopt a 10 year old Staffy girl from a rescue centre. I see it as giving them a loving home in the last few years of their life, even though you might feel its not a lot of time just think about what happiness you bought to that dog in its last years. Our senior girl is a sweetie and I would never swap her for a younger dog, I don't have the patience for a younger dog anymore anyway, but she fits perfectly into our home and routine and I couldn't have asked for better.
    It may take a while for you but I hope that you see another rescue dog in your future. All the best and big hugs

  4. Sorry to hear about cute Harry.
    But you gave him a good life.
    Cherry Hill is looking great, and the globe will be pretty for a wedding.
    Little Addy is so darn cute. :)
    Her friend is cute too!

  5. Firstly, I'm so very sorry to read of Harry. Rest assured you gave him a good and happy life for what time you had with him. To lose a pet is a hard thing...I'm thinking of you all.
    That little Addy, what a darling! Cute as a button! :)
    And I adore that Wedding couple, headless or not, also cute as a button!
    and your Cherry HILL! Girl! Gorgeous ;)

  6. I'm so sorry about Harry. He looks like a real sweetheart.
    Addy is simply adorable. I hope some extra snuggles with her helps console you.

  7. What super stitching projects you shared; love the headless couple. Addy and her pal are adorable. I am sorry to read about Harry. Thinking of you!

    Robin in Virginia

  8. so sorry to read of your loss of your wee furbaby ... he looks adorable in the photo and you gave him a loving home :)
    well done on the stitching front you should have it done in no time at all and your little one is sooo cute :) love mouse xxxxx

  9. So sorry about Harry. He looks like he was a very sweet dog. Bless you for adopting an older dog! Your two WIPs look great, and Addy is adorable!

  10. So very sorry to hear about your dear dog. I am from a family of ddog lovers so I do know how painful this is for you. At least that adorable little girl is there to make you smile!

  11. So sorry about Harry. It's so hard when one loses a pet -- they are members of the family after all. But little Addy! Oh she's so adorable! Love all your stitching -- everything looks great! I love that WTNT piece.

  12. So sorry for your loss!

    Beautiful stitching and I love little Addy! She is gorgeous!

  13. Sorry for your loss of Harry. I lost my dog to Cushing's also and it is rough when the quality of life goes away. We struggled with making that decision and may have gone to far. Awesome stitching....

  14. I'm sure your heart is aching with the loss of Harry, Melody. I still get teary eyed now and then when I think of our beloved cat and he has been gone for 7 years! I'm so sorry for your loss...

    I love your stitching and love the sweet photo of Miss Addy even more--what a cutie-pie :)

  15. I am sorry that your Harry had to leave you, but I am sure that was a wise decision, sparing him from further suffering. Time will heal your hearts. Addy is adorable! What fun with a tiny one around! You are nearly finished with Summer at Cherry Hill. And I am sure by now you finished the wedding piece. Wondering which WIPs called to you... Hugs!

  16. I am so sorry about Harry. We had to put our first dog down several years ago; he was also in poor health. It was so hard. Your stitching is lovely and Addy is adorable. :)

  17. Some animals, like some men, leave a trail of glory behind them. They give their spirit to the place where they have lived, and remain forever a part of the rocks and streams and the wind and sky. ~ Marguerite Henry

    So sorry about your dog. Licks from Stella. Love your headless snowglobe. I think the DMC looks good.

  18. Very sorry about Harry. Pets are such a big part of the family. You are fortunate to have found each other at the shelter.

    Addy is adorable! I think the globe looks fine with the DMC as well.