Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello Stitchy Friends.

I have been doing some blog reading on and off this afternoon, in between chores.  I was pleased to see Lee posting again on Lake Stitcher.  She posted some thought provoking comments about her lack of blogging of late.

I know sometimes it's hard to know how much personal news to share as opposed to just keeping it about stitching.  I guess I look at my blog as kind of a journal, and write it for my amusement as well as hopefully keeping some of you entertained....

I have been stitching away, however I had to take a forced week off due to an injury to my thumb.  Somehow it became infected under my thumbnail.  So, I've been on antibiotics for about 10 days with a new round to start tomorrow.  It is much better now, but it was rather nasty.  The doctor thought it became infected through a tear in my cuticle, with bacteria getting in there.  Not fun, rather painful too.  I won't gross you out with a picture.

I have chosen some ornaments that I would like to get stitched up soon.  I would like to do 'Season of Love' by LHN for our son and his girlfriend; as well as do one for our daughter and her boyfriend.  Relationships seem to becoming serious for both of them.  It is going to be an interesting few months ahead I think.  We like both of their partners in the relationships, which is a bonus!

I plan on stitching their names and "Christmas 2013" on the back of each ornament.  I am close to being done with the first one.  I have other ornaments I would like to stitch as well, hopefully I will get time to do a few more. 

Well, hopefully I will find time to post a little more often.  I know I won't be able to keep up with the daily blogging challenge some of you have taken on for November...! 

Happy Stitching!



  1. Hope your nasty thumb doesn't slow down the stitching!

    I try to post about what's imprtant to me - why else would anyone do it? So if it's stitching great, but if it's other sutff, that's fine too.

  2. Hope your thumb is all better. Eww. lol! Love what you are planning to stitch for your son and his girlfriend. Hope they get hitched. :D

  3. Sorry to hear about your thumb but glad it is getting better. I do love that ornament. I'm searching for one to make for my Grand daughter's first Christmas.

  4. Oh dear I hope your thumb is better now..,
    Sweet stitches
    Big hugs x

  5. Ouch, hope it gets better soon,
    Lovely ornament

  6. Hope your thumb is on the mend. Lovely design to stitch for your son and daughter and their partners.

  7. I hope you can stitch again soon. I love the ornament you picked!

  8. You know a couple of years ago I got an infected finger and it was not only painful but horribly ugly too...get better soon!
    Your Season of Love for your children and their partners shall be a lovely momento!

  9. Ouch, I bet it was painful under your nail. A lovely ornament to choose for your family.

  10. Thanks for.not sharing a photo of your thumb! Hope you are 100% soon. That ornament is a cute choice!

  11. I was just at my annual stitching retreat with Lee and three other friends last week, Melody. I think our discussions got her interested in blogging again :)

    Your thumb sounds very painful--take good care of it now!! And I love that ornament you'll be stitching. I had planned on stitching that same one for my son and his girlfriend, but they just broke up after three years :( We are all very sad for them...