Sunday, March 3, 2013

Marching along

Hello Stitching Friends!

Mike and I took a road trip last weekend to Saint Charles, Missouri. We were celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary. We had a great time. It was good to get away from home for a change of scenery. Saint Charles has a quaint Main Street with brick streets and sidewalks. Lots of cute shops as well. I located the stitching shop there, "Stitches, Etc.". It was fun to look around even though, don't faint, I didn't purchase anything!

I have seen a couple of new releases from Market that I am drooling over....Three tulips

I just love the three tulips design!

This weekend has been more low key. I have been wanting to 'shake things up' around here and rearrange the living room. So my son promised to move furniture for me, so Saturday morning we were the first two up, we proceeded to quickly attack the living room. We moved everything and moved a few things more than once before we settled on the new arrangement. I like rearranging for a fresh new look and the opportunity to clean good under everything. We were almost done before Mike got up, and completely done by the time Holly was up. Which was a good thing because Holly isn't a big fan of our rearranging madness. ;)

Mike and I travelled to Starved Rock State Park today with another photographer friend of ours. The guys hiked a trail into the park to shoot photos of the ice fall formations. I kept myself amused stitching while waiting for them.

I have come down with a crappy cold this week, so have been drinking hot tea and using cough drops. I can't or shouldn't complain it's the first cold I've had this Winter.

We have snow in the forecast again this coming week. We had a snow day last Tuesday, when it was bad enough to close the library for the day. We got about 8" that day. Whoo hoo! Those days are such a guilty pleasure. Especially if the power stays on!

I started this beauty last night

I finished the Prairie Schooler Spring sampler from my last post. I will share a picture next time after it's pressed....

Mike took pictures of this funny looking pelican last weekend. He was posing standing on the frozen river.

In closing this long post I will share a picture of our last snowfall taken from our kitchen door.

Happy stitching everyone!

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  1. Oh I love Three Tulips too and rearranging my furniture, LOL. Happy stitching on the red cottage. CJ in OK

  2. I think I read about that little town in Midwest Living few years ago. I love the Red Cottage that you are going to stitch!

  3. Happy anniversary! It's fun to rearrange, isn't it? My DD doesn't like it, but I think everyone else enjoys it when I do it. lol! I love Red Cottage and can't wait to start that one. 3 Tulips is gorgeous, I agree. I'm looking forward to seeing the Sea one for the summer.

  4. Whoops, I was talking about a different piece. I LOVE Three Tulips!!! That's the one I want too from WTNT!!

  5. Great minds think alike, LOL. I love The Three Tulips piece. Can't wait to start stitching this on. I'm anxious to see your finished Red cottage. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. I wish I could rearrange my furniture. My rooms are such odd shapes that there's not much to do with them. I love your new PSS start and the WTNT 3 Tulips piece is beautiful!

  7. Three Tulips is on my wishlist too.

    We were at Starved Rock and the Lock and Dam over the weekend too. As much as I'm tired of winter, last week's snow did leave a beautiful white carpet throughout the park.

    We're supposedly getting another 8-10 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. All the kids had fun in the snow from last week, but I'm ready for spring.

    1. Pam, how cool you were at the Park the same weekend! We live about an hour and a half away from there.

  8. Happy wedding anniversary! Lol, I`m only rearranging the furniture when I look for a dropped needle but I know what you mean, it`s like getting a new room every time. Hope you`re feeling better :)

  9. Nice stitchy start.

    Are you from IL? I've been to Starved Rock. It's been a few years, though.

    I've been to St Charles, too, for a retreat a last year.

  10. Happy 29th, Melody! Those years sure do go by quickly, don't they... I wish you and your husband many more happy years together!

    Love the name of that park :) Sounds like a nice place to sit and stitch. Your new start is very pretty...

    Hope your cold disappears quickly; it seems like no one managed to escape one this year!

  11. Happy Anniversary! Your trip away sounds like fun. Love the Red cottage piece ~ it's on my list of things for someday!
    Hope you are feeling better!