Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ready for Spring...

Hello Stitching Friends.

I have a finish photo to share! I pressed the Spring sampler so it was photo worthy.

It turned out to be a pretty finish. I have had the chart and linen for several years. I'm glad I got it stitched up.

I am home from work today nursing the nasty cold I have. I don't want to share this with my co-workers. I took some NyQuil before bed, so at least I did sleep last night, even though I'm sure it wasn't pretty! Poor Mike...

Not sure that I will accomplish anything today. We did get a fair amount of snow from yesterday's storm. Probably around 4" I would guess. The wind did pick up in the afternoon as predicted so we had drifting snow on the country roads.

I thought Spring was going to arrive early, but these last two big snows has made it seem farther away.

The birds were busy at the bird feeders yesterday. They are fun to watch.

I did put a few Spring themed stitching items out over the weekend. Easter comes at the end of this month already. Seems early to me. I should get the box of Easter things out, and display them. It's too bad when a holiday slips by without bringing out the seasonal decorations for it....

Well hope you are finding time to stitch!
Take care.

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  1. PS is very pretty - I've stitched the Drawn Thread's Bird Sampler too - enjoyed it very much. Hard to think of spring with snow on the ground. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Beautiful finish! I love your spring display as well. Feel better -- it's good that you stayed home.

  3. Lovely finish! Mmm Spring soon comes around, better get some Spring stitching done too!

  4. Your PS spring stitch is adorable. I love those older PS designs more now than when they were released.

    We (Cleveland area) lucked out this go around; no precipitation of any kind and sunny and 43 degrees today. I hear the birds singing early in the morning...we're getting there!

    Feel better, and congrats on your cute stitch.


  5. Such a beautiful finish! We had 11 inches in my area yesterday. My dog loved playing in the snow while I shoveled it.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Oh what a pretty Spring display! I really love your new finish. The colors are so pretty. Fell better soon.

  7. Pretty PS spring finish
    I'm ready for spring with the 9+ inches we got yesterday
    I hope you get feeling better very soon
    Take care!!

  8. Lovely spring goodies! I am so ready!!

  9. Your finish is so pretty. It is a bit hard to think Easter. I agree it is very early this year. I'm slowly getting a few things out!

  10. Oh, how pretty this turned out Melody--beautiful stitching :) I think I need to get my Easter decorations out soon, but with the snow we had yesterday, I'm definitely not inspired!!

  11. I love your Spring sampler. Is that the name of the chart, and who is the designer? I would love to see if I can find the chart, I have a perfect wall in my house for it!

    1. Cindy, the chart is from Prairie Schooler. It is called Birdsong II. If you can't find the chart, let me know.