Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Hello fellow Stitchy Friends!

Just wanted to say hello on Election Day.  We have done our civic duty and voted.  It was our daughter's first time to vote, and she was pretty excited.  I have to say, I've been proud of her for doing her research on the election and voting with some knowledge of the issues.

The best part of Election Day, besides the pride in doing your duty, is that the political ads will finally be over!

I am working at the library until 8 tonight, but after work, I am looking forward to watching some election returns with our daughter, and possibly doing some stitching....  :)


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  1. I was kind of disappointed for my twins--it was their first time voting and their registrations didn't get to the dept of elections. Luckily I emailed the department when the absentee ballots didn't show up and they were able to register by email and vote by email as well. It would've been more fun for them to fill out paper ballots, but they were happy to be able to vote!