Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day

Hello Stitchy Friends,

Sounds like we will be experiencing some hot temperatures this Memorial Day weekend.  At least on Sunday.  Mid-nineties. 

Today is my last day at the library before the holiday weekend.    It's a beautiful quiet morning here.  I woke up a little earlier than usual, so I actually have time to enjoy some coffee and fun time at the computer before rushing out the door. 

We have had a stray cat (male) hanging around our house for the last couple of months.  We fed him each morning, since we are too soft-hearted to do anything else.  But there was no way we were adopting him into our home.  Four cats is enough, probably two too many.  Then there was the fact he didn't get along with any of our cats, and they fought at every opportunity.  Much hissing, growling and worse.  It got so our cats didn't want to go outside if he was around. So, after talking to some good friends of ours that live on a farm nearby, they agreed to take him to live at their place.  He will continue to be an outside cat, but will be fed and have a place to be inside when he wants.  We thought it was a much better outcome than staying here. 

So, last evening Holly and I were able to entice him into the cat carrier and off we went.  It was a successful move for him I think, and he took it very well.  So, Sly, best of luck in your new home.  Holly named him, because we name every animal don't you know, even if it isn't a permanent resident... 

I have hopes of filling in more of the bottom of the block I'm working on this weekend.  Mike is talking about a road trip on Sunday to find something interesting to take pictures of.  I said fine, I'm up for a ride.  I will take my stitching along and work on it while he's shooting pictures.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and find some time to be with those you love and follow this creative passion of ours.



  1. Enjoy your ride this weekend and your stitching. Sly sounds like he will be happy in his new home. Gotta love a happy ending!

  2. Melody,
    Thank goodness for people like you. Hope lots of good "karma" is coming your way for the kindness you showed. Good luck on your block and have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Hey Melody you won my giveaway,,congrats. shoot me a email with your address and I will get your gifts out next week..