Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still working on shores...

Hello Dear Stitchy Friends!

I finally was able to find on the new blogger where to edit currently reading information.  I have been busy reading books...trying to make a dent in the stack at home of new titles waiting for me.  I am gaining on it....

I have been busy stitching in between all the other boring but necessary tasks to keep our daily lives from turning into a complete mess.... 

I don't have any pictures to share in this post, because my camera is currently unavailable.  *sigh*  I know posts aren't much fun without any pictures to see.

I am busy at work on the bottom left block on SHRH.  It is all done except for the rocks and water at the bottom.  So I am busily stitching boulders in the evening. 

We've been busy at the library preparing for the summer reading program.  It is hard to believe school is already out for the summer.  The reading program starts next week.  We're also planning a companion program for adults.  If you're interested in seeing what our library looks like, visit our website,  We are in a 100 year old Carnegie building.  We have beautiful woodwork in our library, complete with massive wooden pillars inside.  My office is very small, but we love our library.

I promise for the next post I will have some pictures to share, and I hope I will be able to report that the current block on SHRH will be complete. 

Happy Stitching Everyone!


  1. Michelle, I loved seeing your link to the Galva library! I grew up in Galesburg and both my folks and my in-laws still live there. What a quaint little library!

    Enjoy your upcoming holiday weekend.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your library! Such a pretty building and interior. Thanks for showing it to us. Looking forward to seeing pics of your Shores.