Saturday, April 9, 2011

Busy Week...

We had Stitch group at our house this past Monday night, and I took pictures of the girls with their wips.  This is Jane.  She is working on a beautiful big sampler.  I'm sorry to say I didn't take note of the name of it...  This is her second large sampler in a row.  She does beautiful work.
This is Susie proudly displaying her wip:  Autumn at Hawk's Run Hollow.  This is her second Hawk's Run piece, she completed Christmas at Hawk's Run Hollow last year.  I just love these designs.  I've done Village at Hawk's Run Hollow and Christmas as well.  Not framed yet tho.  Susie is much quicker at getting them framed. 
This is Barb, she is showing Liberty by Little House Needleworks.  She gets to come to stitch group when she is visiting us in IL.  She lives in California.  So we are always happy when she can join us!

This is Melanie, working on a Prairie Schooler ornament on paper. She has done lots of these small designs on paper.
And lastly, here I am working on As the Crow Flies by Prairie Schooler. 

Three of our regular attendees were missing, Dorothy was on vacation, Cathy and Betty were under the weather.  But we do have a good time when we get together to stitch!  We take turns going to various houses, and meet every other Monday night.

I have been enjoying working on As the Crow Flies.  It seems to be going pretty quick.  While Barb was here visiting this past week, we made a trip to Clinton, IA to the cross stitch shop there.  It is a nice shop, and the closest one to where I live.  I only bought a small La Di Da chart...I have several projects waiting in line for my attention...

I found some frames at a yard sale yesterday.  I'm happy to say, however, none of them fit anything in my finished drawer...  But, I will hang onto them because I'm sure something will get stitched that will fit...  ha! 

This has been a busy week at work.  Glad it's the weekend.  I'm tackling the laundry pile today.  It's really warm out and the sun is shining.  It's nearly 80 degrees!  It is supposed to be warm tomorrow too, but then we have a good chance of severe weather tomorrow night...  So typical of Spring weather here in the Midwest.  (maybe some of those leaves left from last fall will blow away...)  I can only hope....

Well, best go load the washer and dryer again.  I plan to fit some stitching time in too.

Happy stitching!


  1. It's fun to put a name to a face! Fun to see all your stitching group pieces too! You need to find out what the name of that first sampler is -- it's lovely! So fun to have a get-together!

  2. What a fun time together.
    The WIP's are all lovely

  3. WOW you girls have some really big projects going. I love them all. Thanks for sharing. It is fun to stitch with friends. Sometimes more snacking and giggling gets done but thats OK too.

  4. There are some lovely pieces being stitched there. Really wish I had a stitching group I could go to!

  5. It looks like you have such a fun group to stitch with! Everybody's working on such nice stuff. Nice progress on your As The Crow Flies!

  6. Beautiful pieces everyone is working on, looks and sounds like a fun time! Thanks for sharing it with us!