Thursday, March 31, 2011

The weekend is almost here...

This week has been busy at work.  I will be glad to have the weekend here again...  But then, after vacations it seems to take awhile to get in the swing of things again. 

A few library patrons have been in this week complaining of being sick...that makes you run to the hand sanitizer or the restroom to wash hands after they leave.  I know I don't want their cold/flu bug!  Especially now that Spring is making an appearance. 

I've been busy stitching on "As the Crow Flies" by Prairie Schooler this week.  It has been a fun stitch.  I am probably at the half way point or better.  Last Tuesday, DH and I took a road trip to Lemont, IL to visit The Inspired Needle.  It was our last day of vacation, and he offered to take me to a cross stitch shop...  I mean, who's going to turn that offer down??  Not me.  So, what a cute little shop!  It's not exactly close by, about 140 miles one way...  But, it was a fun shop to visit, and the owner, Cathy, was so nice.  She really made us feel welcome.  I was able to pick up the overdyed fabric for the next project I want to start.  "Spring" by the Cricket Collection. 

I'm hosting our Stitching group at our house on Monday evening.  I'll share some pictures next post!

Happy Stitching.


  1. Hope you don't catch anything from your library patrons! Nice that you got to visit the Inspired Needle-- it sounds like such a nice shop!

  2. Hi Melody! You have a beautiful blog, thanks for the invite to visit and thanks for visiting my blog! If I didn't love framing so much I wouldn't mind working at a library although now that you mention the germs....