Thursday, April 21, 2011


"As the Crow Flies" by Prairie Schooler.  Finished April 17, 2011.
This was a fun piece to stitch.  I did it on lambswool linen.  I have a frame from a recent yard sale shopping event, that I think will work just fine for it.  I will however, need to get a mat cut to make the frame size work. 

I'm not sure what color mat I'm going to get, I'm leaning toward green similar in shade to the trees...  any suggestions?  I hopefully will make it to Michaels this Saturday to pick out the mat board.

I have started "Spring" by Cricket Collection on Monday, April 18.  I think this is going to be a fun 'springy' piece to stitch, lots of pretty bright colors.  I'm using dmc for it.  The fabric is an overdyed piece of linen.  Mine is more green than the color that is shown on the picture above.

My daughter and I had a fun night last Sunday..we saw Elton John in concert.  This is the second time I've seen him, and her first.  We both had a great time and really enjoyed the music.  He was performing only about an hours drive away, so we were thrilled to get tickets to see him.

Our seats weren't too bad, but a little too far away to get any decent pictures.

Not sure what's in store for this weekend...I'm planning on fixing Easter dinner for the four of us here on Sunday.  I'm thrilled to have a long weekend.  The library is closed on Good Friday and the Saturday after.  I still have to decide on the menu for Sunday and pick up any last minute extras for it.  I already have the ham in the refrigerator.  Everyone has requested their favorite items for the menu, but it would be fun to find something a little different to add.  I get tired of the same favorites...

I hope to not wait so long to do another post.  I have some pictures to share next time from our last stitching group gathering.  However, they are on my phone, and I have to get hubby to help me upload those to the computer.

I'll close this post with a recent favorite picture of Annie.  She was posing in her favorite goofy position...
Our local newspaper is requesting that readers submit photos of their cats, so I had to send in a couple.  It will be fun to see if they make the paper or not.

Until next time, happy stitching, and hope you all have a joyous Easter.



  1. As the Crow Flies looks fantastic Meloday - well done. My Chubby gets himself in equally ridiculous positions just as Annie is doing. Arent cats funny. A true example of a non-stressed cat :)

  2. Sorry about spelling your name wrong :(

  3. ooo well done on the finish :) mmmm take piece with you as matt board colours are sometimes odd and you may think it will go and it doesn't been there seen n done that oh wow fab to be able to go and see Elton John :) and annies sooo cute hope they post the pic :) love mouse xxx ps happy Easter :)

  4. Love your PS finish! Beautiful! I love your new start choice as well. Those seasons from CEC are so pretty! Lucky you and your DD to see Elton John! I've never seen him in concert -- I do love him! Cute pic of your kitty -- don't you love when they do their silly poses?

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  5. Love the PS finish and I agree I think green is the color that will look the best with it. Do you work in a Library too? So do I :)

  6. Congrats on your finish. It looks great.

  7. As the Crow flies looks really pretty!