Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back home Again...

We are back home from our week of vacation time we spent in the beautiful southeast.  We left our cold midwestern climate and headed south in search of Springtime...  Well, we found it in South Carolina, and enjoyed our visit there.  We had lots of fun exploring Charleston and the surrounding area.  What a beautiful historic city.  I loved the big old houses along the battery best of all I think.  But, I have been in love with houses and architecture all of my life. 

We also managed to spend some time at the beach.  That was my second favorite thing I think.  Why this midwestern girl, who has always lived here, loves the shore and ocean so much, is just a mystery I guess.  It was the first time my DH had visited the ocean, so it was a treat to see him explore the shoreline as well.  We travelled with my sister and brother-in-law, who are also midwesterners.  So, all in all, we had a good time on our trip. 

We left our nearly 20 year old daughter at home in charge of the homestead and flock of cats...  I *gasp* actually think she was glad to see us return and share the house once again with her.  But maybe she was just tired of being the only one home cleaning the litter box....

I did stitch some on our car trip.  I managed to finish "February" by Prairie Schooler, and then started "As the Crow Flies" by Prairie Schooler on the way back.  So, it was productive. 

Since we have returned this week, I've been busy trying to catch up with what piled up on my desk at work, and laundry etc. 

These are just a couple of the beautiful old houses on the Battery in Charleston.  I can just imagine being up in the cupola looking out onto the water.  Or how about sitting on that beautiful porch with stitching in hand, soaking up the view....?

I've made this post long enough for now.  Next time I'll post about the visit we made to The Inspired Needle in Lemont, IL after we returned to Illinois.

Happy Stitching Everyone!


  1. I'm glad you had a good time on your vacation! I love the ocean and being able to visit it often. Never been to Charleston though. Looks so pretty!

  2. Beautiful old houses, I could just see myself up on the veranda stitching...gazing out on the view.....

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