Thursday, February 26, 2015

February nearly gone

Hello stitching friends!

I'm slow in getting another post written.  I can't believe I haven't posted since before Valentine's Day!  Well, I have been stitching, going off to work everyday, reading, and doing the other usual things.  I have finished "A Robins Song"!!!  I actually finished it February 10.  I'm going to try to do better this year in tracking start dates and finish dates of stitching projects.  I'm very diligent about doing that with the books I read, but haven't ever been too focused on stitching completion lists.  Nor do I have lists of projects waiting for their turn to be stitched.  I guess I'm more of a free spirit and go with what strikes me at the time.

Right now the finished piece is languishing on the ironing board upstairs in my sewing room.  I will share a picture soon.  I think it will be going to my LNS soon for framing.  I have several pieces there now since she had a framing sale late in January.  I will share pictures of them after I get them home.

I've been catching up on blog reading.  I was woefully behind at one point, but I'm happy to say I'm caught up for now at least.  Mike was home sick from work two days last week with bronchitis.  He rarely takes a sick day, so I know he felt crappy.  But that threw my schedule off... I figured I would be the next lucky person to catch the bug, but so far it hasn't happened.  

I did start the blue jay from the Prairie Schooler chart "birds and berries".  I was lucky to borrow the chart from a stitching friend.  I saw it online awhile back and couldn't get it out of my mind that I wanted to stitch 2,3 or all 4 of these to hang in our dining room.  We have bird fabric valences in there, and I kept thinking these would look great with them.  
So I took this photo last night.  You can see I am nearly done.  I just have to finish the second green shade on the remaining leaves and add the second color to the berries.

I will have to share pictures of the pretty flowers that brightened up Valentine's Day.

We opted for dinner at home instead of going out.  We felt it would just be too crowded.  It was a good choice.  
I was happy to find these tulips at the grocery store as well.  There's nothing better than some early spring flowers! 

We had snow again last night and are supposed to have bitter cold for the next few days just to warm up a bit for another snow event on Sunday.  I'm so tired of winter!

We went shopping for a baby crib for the much anticipated baby in our family.  There's a baby shower and Dad shower planned for late March.  The kids have been working hard on finishing up some remodeling projects at their house before the out of state family members arrive for the baby shower.  Mike has been offering assistance and I have been doing meals for everyone fairly often.

Well it's about time to head off to work.  Hope you are finding lots of quality stitching time!
Stay warm.


  1. I love your posts and pictures. Today, I am especially interested in your almost finished Prairie Schooler bluebird. Is this from an OOP chart as I cannot find it anywhere. Please reply when you have time. Thanks. Connie in Rock Island

  2. You must be getting very excited about the coming baby. Being a Grandma is the best! Both your table for Valentine's Day and your stitching project are very pretty.

  3. Love that Prairie Schooler bird -- gorgeous! Love your Valentine's Flowers. The excitement about the baby must be growing like crazy! Hope your DH is all better.

  4. Oh, the PS bird is so handsome, Melody! I'm afraid that's a chart I don't own--I'm sure it goes for big bucks on Ebay. How nice of your friend to lend it to you :)

    Love the flowers and I can only imagine how excited you are to have the baby coming soon--I'm so envious!

  5. The PS bird is so great! It's gonna look wonderful framed and on the wall! We opted to go out for Valentine's Day the Thursday before... to avoid the crowds. Early, too, because it was supposed to snow. It did, and was, as we drove home. I think there are oodles of stitchers who cannot WAIT for Spring to arrive!

  6. The colors in Birds and Berries are beautiful - it's going to be beautiful. And your pictures of tulips...I'm so longing for spring! blessings, marlene

  7. I'm with you on being behind posting and blogging! But I'm trying to catch up now :D March is around the corner and longer month too...since February is just a blink and it's gone. Love your PS bird! Haven't seen that one from PS before. Beautiful tulips too. I couldn't help myself and bought a bunch yesterday to bring some spring into my home. Hugs!

  8. Winter must seem endless. What a pretty PS jay you are stitching.