Monday, January 26, 2015

Snowy Monday

We are having some snow flurries this morning.  It is so pretty because these have been the bug white fluffy flakes.  It is so quiet. I have to admit I enjoy this more from inside our house, with no real destination or schedule today.  Other than a dentist appointment later.  I don't think we are supposed to be getting anything major in regards to the snow.  Nothing like those of you in the northeast!

I have been diligently working on Robins Song.
Forgive the wrinkles.  I see I also have my needle by the house window I am filling in.  It's been a fun piece to work on.  I especially like what will be the center square.  But I've always liked quilt type designs done as cross stitch.  

I am feeling kind of pressured to get this done as I have so many other things waiting for me.  I finally got the over dyed white floss to finish the BBD Cardinal piece.  Then I have a close friend that has asked me to stitch something for her.  
She is not a cross stitcher, but wants to make this basket, with me doing the cross stitch for it.  It shouldn't take too long.  

Then I have been thinking about a baby sampler...  I want Holly to pick a design she likes. The kids are working on the baby's room now.  Joe is finishing up re-wiring the upstairs of their house, then they will be ready to paint her room.  Holly picked out a pretty soft minty green.  She's in love with the owl treetop theme from Target.  So she wants to decorate with wall decals from that.  I was looking at the baby in a pea pod in a tree design from Bent Creek.  But haven't decided for sure yet.
We have no lack of projects around here!!  

I have been enjoying some spots of indoor color recently 
The Christmas cactus has been putting on a beautiful show of late.  It has been so pretty.

Then when I was at the grocery store yesterday I had to pick up this sweet little primrose.
I'm not sure how long it will last but a spot of something green blooming is welcome.

Well I hope you are finding time for stitching during these winter days.  It looks like it's time to head out into the day.

Happy stitching friends!


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  2. Robin's Song looks so pretty. I hope you post a photo or two of the nursery!

  3. Good progress on your LHN piece! There is an owl birth sampler by Cherry Hill Stitchery or one by Homespun Elegance if you wanted to go the owl route. Your Christmas cactus is gorgeous as is the new primrose!

    Enjoy your day!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. I love your cardinal/snowflakes project. Could you give me the name of the pattern? I like to collect cardinals even if I may never get it stitched.

  5. Embroidery is gorgeous !!!
    Von snowing and you blooming Christmas cactus and spring primula :-)

  6. Beautiful work on your sampler. My Christmas cactus is on strike and has not bloomed in more than a year--might have something to do with my black thumbs. Primitive Hare is one of my favorite designers

  7. Love your progress and those floral spots of color--- Here's hoping they last and last for you.

  8. Love the stitching. Robin's Song is just gorgeous! Your Christmas Cactus is spectacular!

  9. Robin's Song is looking pretty.
    I love that baby sampler, simple, but very cute.
    Your Christmas Cactus is gorgeous!
    My Mom always had Primroses.
    When they were done blossoming, she always planted them outside.

  10. Glad you escaped the worst of the snow, Melody--we only got about 7" here in Pittsburgh, too :)

    Love your Robin's Song WIP! And those pretty bright flowers are certainly a welcome sight during January!

  11. Have fun with Robin's looks great! The flowers are a bright spot in the height of winter, aren't they? :)

  12. Wonderful progress on your WIP. Beautiful flowers too.