Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day

Hello Stitching Friends!

I'm thinking of all of you on this gray November day.  I have spent part of the afternoon deciding on my next ornament.  I have chosen one, from here:

Then found appropriate fabric and pulled flosses with some substitutions.  This may be the one for our annual ornament exchange in our stitching group.  I will have to see how it comes out.  I did finish this ornament last night.
The fabric is more greenish in color than it appears in this photo.  The design is an older one from Little House Needleworks.  

Our daughter and son-in-law will be moving soon.  They found a house they are buying.  It is in our town, just a few blocks away from where they are currently living.  The house needs some work, mostly painting in every room, and the downstairs bathroom needs a re-do.  But I think with our son helping them along with Mike and I, they will be able to accomplish most all of the work.  I see a paint roller in my hand before long.....  They are very excited about this, and not having to be renters any longer.  There's a perfect little bedroom upstairs for the baby!  

I've been enjoying my day off for the Veterans Day holiday.  The animals have been napping since Mike left for work.  

Here's Annie and Simon spooning in the chair.  They have it rough around here! lol.  

I did order fabric and flosses for this beauty from The Silver Needle last week.  They arrived on Saturday!  I am itching to start this!

 I've loved this design for a long time.  

I will close this post with a picture of a couple of my Thanksgiving pieces.

I don't have many things stitched for this holiday.  I do have "Be Ye Thankful" finished from the Cross eyed cricket.  But I leave it out all year, and don't necessarily think of it as a Thanksgiving piece.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and happy stitching friends!


  1. Ooooh, love your kitties!!! They are so cute together! Lovely xmas ornie finish! Love your Thanksgiving pieces too. Great choice for stitching -- I've always loved that beautiful red cardinal. So exciting about your son and DIL moving to their own house! Hooray for days off!

  2. I love your very pretty November projects! Have fun helping the couple with their new home. Lastly, the cats do have the good life!

  3. Ohhh a PS turkey! I need to see if I have that chart!

  4. I like your new choice of project, it's one I've admired too. Your cats are so like mine, lying there relaxing - they have it down to a fine art! I can't believe we're almost at the middle of November already.

  5. Your pieces look great! Who's the designer of the new festive piece with the cardinal?

  6. I've been stitching ornaments too! I'm anxious to see your new start :) I've never done the BBD Cardinal one either...but its been kitted for years. I'd love to start it soon too :)

  7. Love your PS Thanksgiving pieces! Congratulations on your ornament finish! Looking forward to seeing your next ornament selection.

    Robin in Virginia

  8. The "new" house sounds exciting and full of potential. Beautiful finishes and yes your fur babies are living a rough life

  9. Wonderful stitching. Love the BBD, looking forward to seeing your progress. Sounds like you are going to be busy helping with your daughter and son-in-laws house.

  10. Beautiful finishes! Such fun to see your lovely pictures. Very exciting news about your daughter and son-in-law as well, how nice to have them so close!:)

  11. Love your newest ornament finish and the older Thanksgiving ones, too, Melody. It's funny, but I have that little PS turkey done on the exact same fabric in a very similar frame hanging right in front of me here in my kitchen :)

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving together...