Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Hello Stitching Friends!

I thought I would check in with an update.  I spent most of today taking it easy and doing some stitching.  I had oral surgery yesterday.  I'm very happy it's over.  I hadn't been looking forward to it at all.  I had tissue removed from the roof of my mouth, and then implanted in front of my lower front teeth.  My gums have receded there and this tissue implantation is supposed to be the solution.

But enough about that, here's an update photo on today's progress.

Sorry for the shadows.  But you can tell where I'm at.  I'm calling it quits for today.  It's probably one more day off work tomorrow.  

The weather is turning colder this week.  It is supposed to be a pretty chilly Halloween this year.  The leaves have really been falling as well.  The fall colors have been really pretty this year.  

Being home all day today I witnessed what the cats do when we are at work in the afternoons.

What a bunch of sleepyheads!  Ranger did wake up as I took her picture.  

I took this picture this weekend at the park while walking Harry.  

Hope you're finding time for stitching fun!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Your PS piece is looking great! I hope your mouth heals quickly for you. Thank you for sharing the kitties with us.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Hmm I had similar surgery a few years ago. Hope you have good results

  3. Who said "it's a dog's life":-) Lovely autumn photo.

  4. Your stitching is so pretty! And I really LOVE the cat pictures!! They are so sweet!

    I hope your mouth heals quickly!

  5. Love seeing all your cats! They are all beautiful -- and sleepy. lol! OMG on your oral surgery! I had a few teeth where the gums receded and the dentist basically just used some kind of stuff -- I think the same that's used to fill cavities -- to build up more tooth to fill in the space between gum and tooth. That was his solution. Hope you are recovering well and quickly and that the surgery works well.

  6. Your cats have the good life!!!!! I love that PS design! I hope you are feeling much better each day. Any kind of surgery is no fun!!!!

  7. Oh, I know just the surgery you had, Melody, as my youngest son had it also. I do hope you heal quickly!! Love the kitties and the progress on the PS piece... Relax now and don't push your recovery :)

  8. wow your stitching project is looking so lovely and your kitties are super cute..
    big hugs x

  9. Doesn't sound pleasant. I hope everything heals quickly for you. Wonderful progress on your stitching. Cute cats.

  10. I think the Back of the Couch cat wins the "I am MOST comfortable" award!
    Hope your surgery went well and you are feeling good by now.

  11. I hope your mouth heals nicely and quickly.

    Love how your PS is coming along.

    Your cats all look so comfortable!

  12. Ouch. That surgery sounds painful. I didn't know they could do grafts for receding gum lines. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Stitching looks good!