Friday, August 22, 2014

Next project?

Hello Stitching Friends!

Well, I am having a dilemma trying to decide what moves me to start next....  We all know that inspiration has to hit.

Since my last post, the Star piece is finished, and believe it or not a frame from my stash will actually work!   I love it when that happens!  I need to find the time to mount the piece on some backing and frame it!  I admit that is not my favorite part, but, oh it feels good to have it done.

I hope to get it mounted and put in the frame soon.  

Then after that, I wanted to do something small.  So, last night I put the finishing stitches in the new 2014 Prairie Schooler Santa.  I really thought he was a cute one this year.  I haven't decided if I will put him in a small frame, or do a pillow finish.  

But as I was ready to sit down to relax tonight, I had no stitching all ready to go...  So sad!  I spent most of the evening contemplating charts.  Then the kids stopped over to talk, and that chart perusal stopped as well.  You have probably noticed I like stitching things that are seasonal.  I have been thinking of Autumn at Hawks Run Hollow for months, but don't know if I'm ready to dive into that huge project right now.  

I didn't get this draft published yet, so I can let you know, I chose a small Halloween piece to do.

So, here is my progress to date.  I'm a little bored with all the dmc 3371, but it will be a cute Halloween piece when it's done.  

How many of you have purchased the new gingher scissors, Eve?
 I caved and purchased two pair, one for myself and the other will be a Christmas gift.  I don't think she reads my blog, so I don't think I have to worry about spoiling a surprise.  I thought they would be a great gift for the newest stitcher in our family, Lauren.  

I haven't updated you on what she is working on...she completed another of the smallish pieces she bought, and has moved onto a large peacock!  She bought a kit at Hobby Lobby.  I will have to shoot a progress picture next time we are together.  

We have been keeping busy around here.  Mike and I recovered our ottoman.  It didn't turn out bad. I'm actually pretty happy with it.  I found material that matched the tan and cream fabric in the chair we use the ottoman with.

I am looking forward to a long weekend for the Labor Day holiday.  I added two days to the weekend with a couple vacation days.  I don't think we have any big plans for the weekend, but it will be great to have some extra time!  

Annie appreciates the ottoman!  You can see Joplin made the photo as well as Harry!

I have been reading some good books lately as well.  However, the one I've been looking forward to for months is this one....

If you enjoy a good mystery series, I heartily recommend these books by Louise Penny.  But, start with the first one in the series, Still Life.  Her characters and setting are great!  

I just finished The Girls of August by Anne Rivers Siddons last night.  So, it's time to start The Long Way Home!  

I hope you will have time to enjoy some quality stitching time!  


  1. The Star looks great - I hope you post again when you have it framed. I am considering the stitching owls along the sides of Knock Knock. Your ottoman looks great and you can have no higher praise than Annie has provided! Enjoy your long weekend.

  2. Love your star finish! Love your PS Santa and Halloween pieces too. I still haven't bought this year's Santa -- better get on the ball! Nice job on the ottoman -- I'm very impressed! Looks like Annie is too! Enjoy your long weekend!

  3. Star is a lovely finish. It is great when you have a frame that will do. When I did Autumn at HRH, I did a square of 9. I picked out my favorite 9 squares. I tried to do 3 for Sept. 3 for Oct. and then 3 for Nov. I gave it a year and after each group of 3 I stitched a smaller design that spoke to me. Great work on the ottoman!