Friday, August 29, 2014

Finally some finish work!

Hello Stitching Friends!

I finally have three pieces in the finished pile!

To be totally truthful, this piece still needs eye screws and wire on the back.  Mike will have to do this for me.  The oak in this frame is incredibly hard.  But, I'm very happy to use a frame I had, that was just gathering dust....

Once I had this one mounted I moved on.

I had this frame in my stash as well.  I was thinking of a pillow finish for this guy, but since it's such a standard size, it's easy to find a frame for him.  I probably never would have chosen this ornate gold frame for this piece, but after mounting it, I kind of like it.  

Then, feeling pretty good about things I moved onto one more piece yesterday.

A flat fold finish.  I was pretty rusty in doing a flat fold as you can probably tell.  I had issues with my glue not wanting to come out and a very dull box cutter knife blade, that I stopped to change.  I have the stitched piece mounted to my satisfaction, I'm just not real pleased with the trim and how I connected the back to the front.  I may tear it apart and redo it... 

The fabric I chose for the backing was perfect, but I only had enough to cover two of the boards.  So, I had some plain black to do the remaining board.  That looks fine tho.  Also, I should have glued the connecting easel strip behind the trim.  But, I fastened the trim to the board behind the front, instead of gluing it around my stitched piece.

I need to tackle another one of these while I am remembering the finer points.  Like I said, pretty rusty!  I was wishing my sister had been here to assist...things often turn out much better with her help. :-)

Well, hope you are planning to enjoy your Labor Day weekend!  Who know, I may keep my finishing mess out and try again!  I will keep you posted.


  1. You've been productive and all your finishes look lovely

  2. Framing and flat-folds - you are a Renaissance Finishing Woman!

  3. I need to take classes from you on framing and finishing. Great stuff -- you did a great job on them all!

  4. Your framed pieces look wonderful! The flat fold looks good to me. I made one and had some trouble with it warping a bit.

  5. All great finsihes.
    Love STAR.

  6. Fantastic finishes. Love the flatfold.

  7. You're really on a roll, Melody!! Love that Star framed finish--really pretty. And having just stitched the newest PS Santa, too, I know how much fun he was to stitch :) I've never done a flat fold, but yours is adorable :)

  8. Loooove the frame for the Santa Mel! The Star frame is also lovely and well done for using an older frame gathering dust! Great little flatfold too! Hugs!

  9. Congratulations on your wonderful finishes.