Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ornaments finished

Hello Stitchy Friends!

I have spent time doing some finishing. Finally. I do put it off longer than I should. I always feel I should do better than I do... I do save pictures of finish ideas I like for inspiration. I was down to the wire tho, as our cross stitch group Christmas party is coming up on Monday.

I fell back to using my tried and true method for most of the ornaments.

Then after taking a break I did the flat fold finish.

I was pretty happy with this one. I should add a bow or something, perhaps.

I should have taken a picture of the fabrics I used on the back of each one. I also need to try making cording from floss.... I watched it being done at the retreat I went to this summer, but haven't tried it myself yet. We will see how much time I get over next few days to see if I get some made.

I do have two more ornaments that need some personalization and then finishing.

It is going to be a cold upcoming several days. Lows are projected to be below zero a couple of nights.

Hopefully I will have a couple more finishes to share with you soon.

Happy stitching friends!

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  1. They are all great. I really like the flat fold and appreciate how difficult it is to stitch on black fabric.

  2. Your finishing is fantastic! I really like them all, especially that flatfold.

  3. So pretty! I LOVE that flat fold!!! What an amazing piece. Stay warm.

  4. The "Joy" ornament with bluebird and red rose is my favorite! Nice job on all of them.

  5. You've really finished some lovely things, Melody! Love, love, love the BBD on black. I seem to be on a stitching on black kick lately. Watch out--making cording is downright addictive :)

  6. Your finished things are so pretty!! I have not tried stitching on black but yours looks wonderful. I have that chart and it really needs to be stitched on black.

  7. Great finishes! You certainly have a great little collection.

    happy stitching...

  8. Fabulous finishes!! I always find pieces stitched on black to be so striking!

  9. Great finishes. A pretty flatfold, so striking on the black fabric.

  10. These are all lovely finishes! I'm sure they were well received at your party today.

  11. All of your finishes are lovely. I really like the flatfold one on that black fabric! I think it doesn't need anything else as it shines on it's own!!