Sunday, December 4, 2011

Deck the Halls....

What a busy season this is...I have been busy decorating the house.  We got our Christmas tree put up last weekend.  I have a few pictures to share.  Our tree is a mix of ornaments I've made and received through the years, along with some ornaments the kids made when they were little.  Each one makes me smile.  We place the tree in the corner of the living room near one of the bookcases.

We have also been putting up wreaths, garland and lights outside.  We had to take one of the garlands down today, because the lights quit off to get another string of lights to wrap around the garland.  Our outside decorations consist of wreaths hung with red velvet ribbon in each of the large windows.  Simple, but pretty.  This Fall I picked up two small prelit trees at an auction.  I think I paid a whopping dollar for the pair.  So, we placed them on either side of the front door.  Can't beat that.  Then we ended up by doing lighted garland on the top of the railing around our deck behind our house.  So, all in all, not bad.  This year the house next door to us went all out with colored lights everywhere.  So, we're kind of living by the Grizwolds.

I have watched my absolute favorite holiday movie the other night to get in the holiday mode...National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  There are so many funny lines in the movie.  Our family loves to interject them into conversation for a laugh. 

Our Stitching Group is getting together tomorrow night for our Christmas party.  I've made the treats I am taking to share...  mini cheesecakes.  :) yum.  I've also got my ornament made for our exchange, I just haven't wrapped it yet.  It wouldn't be normal if I had it all done the day before...  At least the glue is dry on my ornament finish....  :) 

I haven't done any holiday baking except for a batch of rusks today.  However, these won't last very long around here.  If I want to do any for holiday giving, I will need to make another batch closer to Christmas.  For those of you that have no idea what they are, I'll share a picture.  They are a Swedish baked treat.  Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee.  The recipe is my Mom's.  She taught me how to make them when I got married.  They are a tradition our family enjoys.

 This is a picture of a Prairie Schooler Christmas sampler I did several years ago.  It's one of my favorites.  My husband made the frame for it. 

Next post I will share some pictures of other stitchy Christmas things around our house....

Happy Stitching everyone, that is if you have time for it this busy season.


  1. Your tree is really beautiful! I love your PS Christmas sampler as well, and how nice that your DH can make such a pretty frame for it too! Those rusks look interesting. I thought they were french fries! lol!

  2. How nice to see your lovely tree with all those handmade ornaments, Melody (and all those books on the shelves to the right look mighty nice, too!!).

    That PS is so pretty--I stitched just the very bottom motif one year and made it into an ornament. Still would like to do the whole thing someday. How lucky you are to have a husband who makes frames for you :)

  3. Oh your tree is so pretty, pretty, pretty! That bottom house on your tree on the brown that a Mill Hill house? It is gorgeous!
    I love that Prairie Schooler Sampler too....oh I look everyone's stitching stuff and never can get everything I want stitched done! LOL!

  4. Your tree is very lovely with all the beautiful ornaments on it! Great PS piece, it might be an oldy but it's still a goodie:))

    Have a great week

  5. What a lovely tree! The mini cheesecakes sound delicious as do the rusks. :) Pretty PS sampler and I love the frame too!

  6. Your Christmas tree is just beautiful! I love your Prairie Schooler sampler! Isn't it so fun to stitch things for winter and Christmas? Looking forward to seeing more Christmas photos!

  7. I love your header and the Christmas sampler! Nice decorating--we plan to do ours this weekend.