Monday, March 9, 2015

Signs of Spring!

Hello Friends.

I just finished catching up on blog reading over my morning cup of coffee In my favorite mug.
 You are all so darn inspirational!  The beautiful things you make just have me thinking gee, I need to add that to my stash too.  Lol.

We are all so excited for Spring to arrive. It sure seems like it was a long cold winter.  We have been plagued with ice that hung around for at least 2 or 3 weeks.  It never warmed up enough to melt.  But that should change this week!  We have temps projected in the 40s or better all week. That is guaranteed to bring smiles.

I got new glasses last week.  I love getting new ones! I get excited about having a whole new look.  For the first time in a long time I have plastic frames.  I guess I chose well, because Holly commented that they were cute.  Nice when your daughter thinks you made a cool choice. Lol.

I have been working on bird #2 in the Prairie Schooler bird series. We had to take our car to the dealership an hour away this morning for a bit of recall work, so I took my stitching along with.  

As you can see I am working on the black capped chickadee.  He just needs the rest of the leaves and berries stitched and then he will be finished.  I'm not sure if I will start a third bird after this one is done or not.  

Weren't there some beautiful pieces released at Nashville?  I told myself I didn't need to be serious about purchasing any of them, but I especially like several that Brenda from With Thy Needle released.
These two are my favorite ones.  I do love the look of the over dyed threads but after you figure the cost of them and chart and fabric the Cherry Tree Hill piece comes out to about $92.  Ouch. So I'm still mulling this over. I sometimes use a combination of DMC flosses with over dyed ones to make it less costly.  What are your thoughts? Do you do the same or stick only to what the designer has done?

Well, I best sign off for now and get something accomplished today.
Happy stitching!


  1. I've not made the leap to overdyed threads because of the cost. I'm sure they would be worth it but it's just not in my budget. I liked Brenda's new one with Herbs on it - I might break down and get that one. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Your chickadee looks good! Glad to hear it is warming up in your area! I tend to use a mix of overdyed threads and DMC. Truth be told, I tend to use what I have on hand.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. I love your pretty mug! The chickadee too! I often mix threads. If it is not something very special, I try to use up what I have. One good thing about DMC is that you can usually depend on the color not changing. I have never had a problem with dye lots using DMC. Because I have to order the over-dyed floss, it can be very tricky if I run short. That is one big advantage to DMC at least for me.

  4. Oh that Prairie Schooler chart is a winner! Love the second bird! Love your WTNT choices too. I tend to want to use what the designer uses in a piece, but so often with the overdyed cottons, you end up with threads that aren't the same color even if you got the called for colors. I wish the overdyed cottons were more reliable in their dye lots. I really hate that. I'm very tempted by a couple of WTNT pieces too. I haven't taken the plunge yet, but I'm thinking about it!

  5. Your new glasses are cool, and the bird is looking pretty.
    I change also. I can't always afford what the designer suggests.
    Fabric also, some are just too expensive.
    You have to choose what is right for you.

  6. Your new glasses look great, Melody! I've been putting off getting mine... I always have such a hard time deciding on a style!

    Love that new PS bird start, too! I rarely stick to the colors--especially of small overdyed sections. A larger block of color I tend to buy the suggested color, but even then, they seem to rarely look like the model. It can be frustrating considering the money you've shelled out...

  7. Love your little chickadee start. One of my favourite little birds! There were many charts I saw that I would love from the market but I have a lot of charts already, and a few kitted up so I passed on buying any. I too find the materials and everything quite expensive so I'll usually buy the chart and see what I have on hand first before I dive into buying overdyes. Sometimes I use a mix too or substitute other colours to save on cost. Hugs to you!

  8. New glasses look great !!!
    I think I'm doing well, it is well to change colors:-)))

  9. New glasses are fun and espensive if you have progressives like I do. Very charming chickadee. I certainly have enjoyed their antics this winter. I saw he 2nd chart you like and thought long and hard about getting it as I like blues and greens. I have no confidence in my own tastes so normally stick to floss and fabric as charted.

  10. I started out buying the overdyes a few at a time. I love the look but I don't like how the colors can be soooo different. I have been disappointed more than once that my finished piece did not look like the original. I also buy charts and then look through my stash to see what I can use. Love the new designs by Brenda of WTNT. Trying to resist buying new charts because I have so many in my stash. Take care.

    Judy in Colorado

  11. I really like your bird! Looking great! I often mix colors... it depends on how much is needed, and the look I want it to have! Like others, I have been disappointed using overdyed threads, so I think long and hard about my colors! Hugs!

  12. Some gorgeous stitched pieces there. Love the bird. xx

  13. I was good and didn't buy anything from market. Your WIP looks good. Kudos on getting a "cute", cool pair of specs!

  14. Love your birds on your blog. Nice choices for new charts. I substitute DMC often, but choose the specialty threads where it seems to be necessary to enhance the piece. Beautiful blog!