Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hello Stitching Friends!

I picked up four finishes from the framer yesterday.  I'm pretty happy with them!

I should have waited until morning to take better pictures, but then it wouldn't have gotten done.  I took the pictures with my iPad.  So, didn't do any editing.  Sorry.  

The summer seems to be moving along quickly.  Things have been extremely busy for me at work.  I had a large project come up that had a short time frame, but I may be nearing the end of it soon.  So, due to that, I have not had any ambition this week after getting home.  My brain has been fried!  Lol.

We travelled to Minnesota last weekend with our son and his fiancée to visit my sister and her family.  We had a great time as always.  So nice to get away!  I may have a new stitcher in the family... I taught our son's fiancé how to cross stitch last weekend.  We stopped in LaCrosse, Wisconsin on our drive North to visit Crosse Stitchery.  Well, while browsing, she expressed great interest in some charts, so we picked out a couple of easy ones, and  got her started.  She caught on pretty quick.  In fact when they came to visit today, she brought her stitching along so she could stitch with me!  She had made good progress, so I supplied her with fabric and floss to go along with her next project.  She seemed pretty happy about it!

I have been stitching on Liberty House.

It took forever to get the big red house stitched it seemed!  I am working on the eagle in the tree right now.  Hopefully I will have it done before too long.

These three new charts made their way home with me.  I do love patriotic pieces....maybe because my birthday is near the fourth....

We are having a family cookout tomorrow for our son in laws birthday.  I haven't planned the menu yet, luckily he likes about anything.  

The weather has been warm and very humid of late.  We are also still getting rain showers every few days.  I swear you can practically see the corn grow in the fields!  That's one thing that Illinois can do well....grow corn!  

We did manage to get the deck stained two weekends ago.  Harry also got to the groomers for his short 'summer do'. 

Well kids it's time to sign off.  I hope your summer is going well, and that you are finding time to do what you love best!  Happy stitching friends!


  1. Isn't it fun to get things back from the framers? It is practically like Chritmas!

  2. Your framed finishes are so pretty.
    Happy B-Day early!
    Harry looks so cute with his Summer do.

  3. Aww... Harry looks so cute for Summer :) And I love all your framed finishes, Melody--really gorgeous!

    How nice to have a future DIL who stitches, too. I taught my middle son's girlfriend when she was here at Easter and he says she's loving it! So nice that the younger generation is keeping our passion for stitching going strong :)

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Aww happy birthday early :)
    Sweet stitching and pretty new charts..
    Lovely framed pictures.
    Hugs x

  5. Harry is adorable! Love your framing! So nice that your future DIL is interested in cross stitching! That is exciting for sure!

  6. Your framed stitching looks great! It'll be nice to have another stitcher in the family, right? Harry is cute in his summer 'do'. And an early Happy Birthday to you!

  7. Beautiful framing on all of your pieces! I hope you have figured out what to cook for your son-in-law! Liberty House is looking great so far! Harry is a sweetie!!

  8. Your framed pieces are just perfect!! All the patriotic pieces are great for a birthday in July. Happy early birthday!

  9. Harry looks super cute with his new haircut. Great stitching, you're making good progress. Wonderful new stash too.