Friday, October 18, 2013

Questioning my organizing

Hello Stitchy Friends!

I have just a question for all of you stitchers out there at the moment.

I am seriously questioning my organizational method of arranging my Crosstitch patterns.

I currently put charts in plastic sleeves and then in three ring binders. I have them organized by type, such as I have fall charts together, Spring charts together, patriotic, Christmas and so forth.

The last two evenings I have spent some time searching for a chart my niece wants to borrow with no luck so far. I'm rather frustrated. How do you organize your charts? Do you group them by designer? Or??

I welcome your suggestions. You see, I'm a librarian and organization is big with me.

I promise a better post soon, with pictures of current stitching progress and projects!

Thank you!

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  1. Welllll, it's hard to say what is the best organization method, isn't it? I constantly have trouble finding charts. lol! I have mine in a file cabinet, alphabet order by designer. But of course I also have some not filed away -- which causes me no end of trouble!

  2. I file mine in hanging files by designer in a file cabinet. Course, I have a drawer of new charts waiting to be filed. Good luck with what you decide to do!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. I sort most of my charts by designer. I am a Longaberger basketoholic and most charts are in a basket. There are lots of baskets holding my stash. The exception to the sort by designer practice is that my Halloween charts are all in one huge LB basket. I also have older charts and Just Cross Stitch issues in a filing cabinet. I rarely access those but know where they are if needed. Good luck.

  4. I have a hanging file of patterns sorted by designer. Then there is another set of folders (the to-do soon group) that are sorted by theme. All finished patterns are kept together in a box.

  5. Mine are sorted by designer...

  6. I do both. If I have several by one designer, I sort by that. Then I have lots sorted by subject. All are in hanging files. I still look forever (sometimes!).

  7. Hi Melody!
    I sort mine by designer. I keep the standard 8.5x11" size in magazine files and the smaller ones in oblong berry baskets. There are a few designers that use both sizes, so that stash is divided between the two styles. I also keep most my kits and magazines in the magazine files as well. After trying several different methods, I've found this works best for me. Good luck to you!

    Now to find the perfect way to store all those luscious fabrics and fibers...

  8. Sort? Organize? Ha! My charts are just all together on a bookshelf. I do have them divided by cross stitch and hardanger --- does that count? Kits are in another spot, magazines in another, and books in another. Does that sound organized? :-)

    1. Oh Ya! I am not alone. This sound just like me.
      Happy Stitching

  9. I just reorganized mine this summer according to designer, alphabetically in big three-ring binders, Melody, and am finding it so much easier to find things!!! Good luck :)

  10. Time to reveal my innermost nerd. I keep them in plastic sleeves alphabetized by designer, except for Christmas and Halloween. Each of those has a binder in alpha order by designer. Iut even the odd size designs and freebies in the right section in a sleeve. But I also keep a master list on my computer in excel by designer as a quick reference. I also have a print out of this, plus thread inventories in a small daytimer that I can take with me. I hate buying something twice! Hope this helps.