Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend recap and more

Dear stitching friends,

Summer is finally making an appearance with some warm temperatures. It's beginning to feel like a Midwest summer. We were busy celebrating Fathers Day yesterday. Both kids were here plus an 'extra child'. One of Holly's friends. Mike had a great day with some thoughtful gifts from the kids and we all enjoyed some good food at home. I made potato salad, a baked bean dish, deviled eggs then for dessert we had fresh strawberries and ice cream.   David grilled pork chops and brats on the grill. I had intended to bake something for dessert but ran out of time.

Then in true family fashion, the guys decided it was time to light the brush pile in the backyard and get it burned up. After a couple beers these ideas sound like fun...

The boys thought it was great. I thought the fire was kind of large....but it all worked out fine.

We had fun taking some pictures and this is one of the few of all of us together.

I have not had much time for stitching it seems. We've been busy taking Harry for his evening walk, then I've been going to the gym a couple times a week with Holly. It cuts into my evening time after work. But I know it's good to get more exercise.

Harry has adjusted well in our family. He still surprises me that he can be in the yard with us without his leash and be trusted to stay with us. Our former dog would have been off like a shot when loose, and wouldn't come home unless you rounded her up by picking her up in the car and bringing her back home. So, this calm behavior by Harry has taken some adjustment. A welcome relief actually.

Here's my progress on the Melicent Turner sampler

Sorry for the crummy picture. It's my third retake... But you get the idea on where I am. I'm a little tired of stitching letters. It will be nice to move to the motifs at the bottom.

Mike and I travelled to Minnesota last weekend to visit my sister and brother in law. They are in the process of condensing two households into one. They are vacating their house of 31 years and moving permanently to their house near St. Cloud. We moved some things back to Illinois for David and Holly.

I will have to share a couple pictures of my sister's craft room. I am envious of all her space!

She will die when she sees them, and say I should have waited until she had it all straightened up...

We spent a little time up here working on curtain valances for our house. I think they turned out good.

As you can see, Annie is inspecting them...

Guess I will close this post with a photo of Harry.

Happy stitching everyone.

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  1. hmmmm have to ask but what do you class as brats as over here they are naughty kids !!! nice to see you too and well done for going to the gym too .... love the stitching room and Harry is adorable and well done the the MT I have just picked her up again to work on her and actually enjoying doing the letters love mouse xxxxx

  2. Awww, Harry is adorable! Our dogs were the same way -- off like a shot. lol! So great that Harry doesn't do that! Glad you had the family all together -- such precious times! That fire is a bit large, isn't it? lol! Your WIP looks great too! Your sister's stitching room is nice!

  3. Looks like a fun week-end! Harry is such a doll. I find I have a little less stitching time in the summer.

  4. How nice that Harry has already made himself such a part of your family, Melody! He sure is a cutie--and what a plus that he is so well behaved, too... Glad you had such a nice family weekend--it's so hard to get everyone together when the kids are grown, isn't it?

    Lovely progress on your sampler and I enjoyed seeing your sister's craft room--how nice that you are both creative sorts :)

  5. Sounds like you had lots of delicious food at your Father's Day celebration! Your sister's craft room looks wonderful - lots of space - that's what I need more space. :) Harry looks like a sweetie and Annie looks like she might be contemplating a climb. :) Your sampler is looking pretty!

  6. Harry is adorable. I'm new to your site. I love your reading material. I read off a Kindle now because of space, I live in a one room cabin, and it's easier than going to the library. I do cross stitch, reading and jigsaw puzzles plus word puzzles. I just had my computer for a few months and have become addicted to stitching blogs. Bye for now. Time to stitch.