Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Block #1 finished...

Hello dear stitchy friends.

I have been reading blogs and have become inspired yet again by the talented group of stitchers out there.  Yes, you.  I've seen samplers I have drooled over, and admired stitching/crafting rooms.  I just have to say I'm impressed..

I haven't had much time for stitching since Monday night.  I did get block #1 for Shores finished at our stitch group.  So, time to move on to block#2.

I have spent my spare time in the last couple of days helping our daughter with her bedroom.  Painting, cleaning, sorting....  She got a new bed for her room prior to the delivery of the furniture we've been busy.  She decided it was time for a new color in her room, so off to the home improvement store for paint etc.  There are still details to be finished but she is happy with the progress.  She chose gray for three walls and a kind of bright pink for the fourth wall.  Then, pink sheets for the new bed. 

Needless to say the cats have helped through it all.  So much so, that when the painting was in progress they were banished outside. 

We were at the Mississippi river in Iowa at Lock and Dam 14 on Sunday hoping to find some eagles to photograph.  We were please to find these beauties.

With our interest in the eagles this year, I am regretting not purchasing the Soar sampler from With Thy Needle and Thread last year.  :(

If any of you stitchers out there are finished with the pattern and would be willing to part with it..just let me know.

Remember to sign up for my blogoversary drawing in the previous post before Saturday!

Happy Stitching...


  1. I'm just getting this comment thing figured out... Hope to see pics of the new paint job.
    Sounds great!....
    your sister,

  2. ohhh well done on the redecorating front ... sounds lovely ... and the soar sal was lovely wasn't it and I didn't do it either ... sorry ... love mouse xxxxx