Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not the New Year's Start I'd Planned....

Hello Friends.

Well, my ambitious stitchy start to 2012 was a flop.  I did finish up Winter Wonderland by LHN.  Success. 

Then on to my first new start of the New Year....  Well I read the chart, measured my linen, and cut it to the size on the back of the chart...  Much to my dismay, I should have double checked the stitch dimensions and not just looked at the cut fabric size.  There is a misprint on the cut fabric size on my chart... only off by at least 5" in the vertical measurement....  So, my nice big beautiful piece of linen is cut too small for the piece now. 

I was so mad at myself.  I haven't had the heart to look at any stitching since then.  I will have to go to my nearest needlework shop and re purchase a hunk of linen for Shores of Hawks Run Hollow, and start again.  The original piece of linen that I cut too small for it, was purchased at the shop in Galena, when it was going out of business, and the shop owner sold me a larger piece than what I that is why I was cutting it down to size....

Well, I guess I will just find other uses for my cutting mistake.

Onto other business...  Thanks to all of you sharp eyed stitchers out there, the source of the Snowman freebie has been found.  For those of you that are interested in obtaining the chart, see the comments from my last post that Carol made.  She has kindly posted the address for you to find the snowman freebie.

So, thanks Carol for finding the link for the chart for everyone.

Well, I guess I will let you know when I gather my stitching mojo to move ahead.

Hope your stitchy start to 2012 was better than mine.


  1. Oh no on the fabric! I've been there, done that as well. Hope your mojo makes a fast return!

  2. ohhh noooo insert rude word here .... think on the bright side you have something cut ready for another project ;) love mouse xxxx

  3. Oh dear. I hate when that sort of thing happens. And yes, it's happened to all of us. I hope you can get another piece of linen and start your New Year's start soon. :( Sorry!

  4. Oh no! I hate when that happens, but now you have a beautiful piece of linen for another exciting project. I'm sure your Shores will be beautiful, and I can't wait to see it Melody!

  5. Oh, how frustrating that must have been, Melody--I'm sure you can find another use for the fabric, but I know you were looking forward to getting started right away...

    Happy to help on the snowman link :)

  6. So sorry to hear about your mishap! I think we've all done this at some time or other. Here's hoping that you find many wonderful projects to stitch on your original piece of linen.

  7. Agh!!! Sorry to hear about your mishap! I had that happen to me with Drawn Thread's Sampler Gameboard. I have now stopped cutting my linen before I'm done stitching--I cut afterwards!