Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hi Stitchy Friends 

Well, since my last post we traveled to California for a wonderful two weeks!  Our son, David and his wife, Lauren took us to Chicago to catch our flight. We stayed with family, and had a great time!  My niece, Barb had lots of fun things planned for us.  We had our first ever visit to Disneyland.  We saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time, we drove to Las Vegas, and drove north up the coast to San Clemente and Morro Bay.  We also stopped at Hoover Dam after leaving Vegas.  The weather was perfect.  Mike also experienced his first plane ride.  I realized it had been 33 years since I had taken a plane trip, so it was pretty thrilling for us both.

Mike took lots of pictures.  One of our favorite parts of the trip was seeing the elephant seals near Morro Bay.  
They were so much fun to watch.  I won't bore you with lots of trip pictures, I promise.  I have to say what I liked about Vegas was the cross stitch store we found.  Stitchers Paradise.
Here's Barb and I outside the store.  It was a fun stop.  
 There were lots of great models done in the shop to inspire everyone.  When we returned home and our kids wanted to know if we liked Las Vegas, I said the best thing was finding the cross stitch store, they all laughed and said you might know mom would find a cross stitch shop!  

When we returned home to reality, we both had lots to catch up on at work.  The kids were glad to have us back home I think.  Holly, Joe and Addy picked us up at the airport, so that was pretty exciting.  I should have taken a picture of Addys big smile when she spotted us.  It was great!  
I also have to share an Easter picture of Addy
The photographer had the cutest animals with her to include in the pictures.  She had the bunny, a couple of baby chicks and a kitten.  We will be celebrating Addys first birthday at the end of April.  It doesn't seem like it's been a year already.

I have been working on some stitching.  I also took some things to the framer.  I won't have them back for a month I don't think.  
 I designed and stitched this little piece for Holly. She has always liked the line from Mrs. Doubtfire.  I loved the old button I found to use as an accent.  It was from my Mom's button jar.

I have been working on Phoebe's Forest by The City Stitcher.  It's an old chart I've had for a long time.
 I have decided not to stitch the bottom area with her name, etc.  

What do you think?  I didn't stitch the year either.  Does it look ok, or does it seem like it has too much open space?  I've thought about putting in the year, but would make it 1899, if I did, since that's the birth year of my father.  (I was born after his 58th birthday).  I've let this piece sit a few days while I think about it.  Let me know if you think it looks finished or not... 

Well, I think I have made this post long enough.  Hope you're all finding lots of quality stitching time!
Take care!