Sunday, January 27, 2013

January almost gone

Looks like we have a chance of freezing rain today. Absolutely my least favorite type of weather forecast. I had to laugh, my daughter and her friend were puzzling over the icon on the weather app for today. The picture I took below is rather fuzzy, but the girls determined it was light bulbs sprouting from the ground, so their thought was today's weather would be very interesting. LOL.

I have been reading your blogs full of stitching inspirations. I am still working on 'baby it's cold outside'. Progress is being made. Although I have probably ripped more on this piece than others in recent memory.... I went over to a friends house last night for a color consultation. I started the green diamonds in the border, but was not happy at all with my choice of floss color. She agreed, so out it came. I don't have enough of the crescent colors spinach to stitch the border, so I am just matching some dmc for the border diamonds. This piece just needs the border and the snowflakes and then it will be done.

I have been thinking about Spring, I have a couple of Spring themed pieces I would like to stitch this year, so I may start one of them next.

I have had this chart for a long time. So I have been thinking maybe this year I will do it. I already have the linen ready for it as well. So, that moves it up even higher in the possibility list.

I have thought about some valentine starts as well....

The birds of a feather isn't really a valentine type piece, but I have liked this one for a long time.

But this birds of a feather piece is valentine themed. Our wedding anniversary in in February. So, I may stitch this up and so some personalization for that. The little couple on the chart are funny...don't resemble Mike and me at all.

The family is stirring around here. I will have to give some thought about cooking later.

Hopefully the freezing rain event won't be anything major. I know if it is, I will elect to stay inside and stitch the day away.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday, doing something fun!

Happy stitching.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wintry Sunday

Hello Stitchy Friends!

I am sitting at the kitchen table thinking about a blog post. It's long overdue. We had some snow overnight. Just enough to make everything white again. The snow from earlier in December had just about disappeared. What's nice about this morning is we had time to leisurely drink our coffee together. Mike has been posted at the back door watching with his camera to capture some of the pretty birds that have been showing up at our feeders.

This male cardinal and his female partner are frequent visitors. They are so pretty, especially against the snow.

This handsome boy is harder to photograph, he doesn't hang around long. I actually got this shot.

Last Saturday we were at lock and dam 14 on the Mississippi River doing some eagle watching. They show up near us every winter during January and February. They are such majestic birds.

You can actually get quite close to them. They seem to be used to the gawkers.

Mike got an action shot of this one catching his fish out of the river. Pretty cool.

Mike is actually in the garage right now cutting a picture frame for me. I have a stash of frames that I've acquired from various places. He is taking one of them apart and recutting it to fit this

I stitched this 'Winter' piece by Cricket probably a couple of years ago, and its been languishing in my drawer of pieces needing frames. Maybe I will be lucky enough to get it finally framed this month....

I also pulled out these beauties.

Winter by Prairie Schooler.

And February also by Prairie Schooler. I have stitched some of the monthly pieces from them but not all by any means.

Mike just came in half frozen from the garage. Had to come in for coffee and to warm up his hands.

Well, hope you are enjoying your Sunday. We will see what the rest of today brings around here. I have promised the family fried chicken for dinner. So I will be cooking dinner later on.

Happy stitching.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello Stitchy Friends!

Wow, another post already, you say?  Well, I was inspired after reading Lynda's post with her clever daybook meme.  But, what inspired me most was that she included a picture of the library where she works. 

I thought, why haven't I shared a photo of our library before?  So, thought I should remedy that.

Our library is a Carnegie as well.  It is pretty evident in the photo.  Naturally this photo was taken in warmer weather than today...

It was back to work for me today. There was lots to do.  Then, I had to take a break this afternoon to accompany our daughter to the doctor.  She found out she has strep throat.  Ugh.  So, off to the pharmacy for penicillin.  I got my flu shot when we were at the dr. office. 

I tend to try to go with our daughter for appointments and things when I can.  It helps her feel more comfortable, since she is mostly deaf.  She reads lips very well. 

I am glad this is going to be a short week.  Ease back into routines.  I did manage to get the Christmas tree taken down yesterday.  What a job.  It seems like it's much more fun to put the decorations out than to put them away.  Hopefully on Saturday I will be able to finish the un-decorating around here.

Well, wish us luck that the strep throat doesn't spread to the rest of us.  I know from many first hand experiences that it's no fun at all.  Fun fact about me,  I had my tonsils out at the ripe age of 42.  Believe me, it's no fun at all when you are that old.  But, the incidents of getting strep throat each winter seemed to increase.  So, I had them removed.  Not a fun 10 days at all.  But, in retrospect, it's a good thing I had it done. (That was over a decade ago, so it gives you an idea of my age...).  :)

Well, hope you are all finding some stitching time in the new year. 

Happy Stitching.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello stitchy friends.

I have spent some time today reading your posts, where many of you have shared your stitching accomplishments from 2012. Impressive one and all. I have not taken a look back to take note of finishes yet.

I do have a new start to share, and an appropriate one since we are experiencing some cold temperatures in our neck of the woods...

'Baby it's cold outside' by heartstring samplery. I liked the verse on this chart, and I'm a sucker for stitching houses... What can I say?

I did finish reindeer roundup around Christmas.

-it turned out cute. Sorry for the wrinkles, I haven't taken it out of my project bag for pressing yet.

New Years Eve was very quiet. Mike had to work, and the kids were off with friends. I spent most of the afternoon and evening reading. I finished the new Monica Ferris book and then read Archie Goodwin Meets Nero Wolfe by Robert Goldsborough. I really enjoyed this one. It was set in time before the Nero Wolfe books by Rex Stout. I have always liked those. I sometimes go back and read one again. Such good characters, and atmosphere.

I did take the tree down this afternoon. I have not brought in the storage tubs to pack away the rest of the holiday decorations yet. Maybe I will tackle that on Saturday. It is back to work tomorrow for me.

Guess the holidays are over. But I am ready for a new year. I read in Tanya's blog (the sampler girl) that she was wanting to rearrange all her furniture. I can totally understand that. Kind of a fresh look for the new year. I don't know that I will be doing that...but guess I am ready to put away those holiday things and shoot for a more 'pared-down' look...

Well, guess I will end this post for tonight. I will be heading to bed earlier tonight than last night....

happy stitching!

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