Monday, January 27, 2014

Still cold


Another day of below normal temps is here. No school or library again today. I have kept busy doing calls about wedding details and some cooking. Well, the crockpot is doing the cooking. It's a recipe I found online for beef stroganoff. It smells wonderful at least. You use two cans of golden mushroom soup, and stir in cream cheese near the end of the cooking time. I hope it turns out good.

I spent a couple of evenings taking out the heart and the L on my love piece. Then last night I finished putting the heart back in, in the correct position. I will probably work on this later today.

We were supposed to have stitch group tonight, but it got cancelled due to the extreme cold we are having. The snow and wind was so fierce last night it looked like a snow tornado out the back door. Harry didn't stay out long to do what was necessary!

I have been busy reading some good books. I enjoyed Return to Tradd Street by Karen White. It was the fourth in her series about old houses in Charleston, SC, that seem to be haunted by ghosts. Then, on completely other bent, I've started reading the Prey series by John Sandford. My future DIL recommended that I read them. So, I've been enjoying those too. I'm up to #4 in the series. There are lots of them tho. I will rotate one in along with other new choices. I also have the newest Julie Hyzy book home in her White House chef mystery series. They have all been good as well.

I realized I didn't share a picture of my big surprise from Mike. He gave me this before Christmas, to commemorate our upcoming 30th wedding anniversary.

When he proposed to me 31 years ago, he said one day I will replace this engagement ring with a bigger one. Well he certainly did!

Hope you are keeping warm if you are in the cold, and for those of you that are enjoying Spring.... Good for you!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cold cold colder

Hello Stitching Friends.

Greetings from the frigid midwest. This winter is wearing out it's welcome. I will be happy to share snow with those of you that are wishing for more of it! Schools have all cancelled classes today, and the library is closed as well. So I have been staying inside today.

The cats have the right idea...

They have all found cozy nap spots for the afternoon.

We have been busy here making wedding plans... Lord help me the details...the details. I hope we will be able to pull all this together. Our daughter will be getting married in April with a small family wedding, and then the plan is to host a reception in May for extended family and friends. So, planning is underway on two fronts. Both venues out of town. If you don't see many posts from me in the next couple of months you will understand why.

I have to order the wedding sampler she likes and get it going. But, she didn't pick one that will be all that time consuming, so I'm not too concerned about that. We've all been searching Pinterest for ideas. It's great for that and so easy to share ideas with family and friends!

I was woefully behind on blog reading, but am now caught up! (What better use of a snow day??). You have all been busy out there doing some beautiful work! I am just about finished with Love by Cricket. Just the back stitching remains.

I elected to stitch the L the right way instead of the backwards L on the chart cover. I used the graph on the back of the leaflet that charted it correctly. I don't know if it looks right? I can't decide. The colors are very pretty and I like my pale green linen choice. I may have to take another look at the chart, but I don't want to have to rip out the L and do it over. After looking at the picture I think the L looks lower than it should be.

Well, after finishing this yesterday, I wasn't in the mood to Backstitch, so I went looking for another project to start.... I will share a picture even though it doesn't look like much yet.

While I went back to my stitching bag to pull this out for a picture, I took another look at the Love chart.... Not good news to report. I did a major goof, I will have to rip out the heart and the L... The heart should have been up higher. I know where I went astray. I stitched the heart from the chart printed inside, then flipped the chart closed to stitch the alternate L on the chart on the back of the leaflet, not realizing the heart had been repositioned as well. Crap, crap, crap! *sigh. Looks like I have ripping in my future. I'm glad I took a picture for this post, otherwise the back stitching may have been done as well before I realized something was 'off'.

Well so much for nearly having that piece done.

The flu has hit the library staff hard this past week, both of my full time staffers have been off from work with it. So, I have been doing some extra duty as well as my part time person. Luckily we have both avoided it. I had a dream the other night that we had it as well, and I had to post a closed due to illness sign... Not good. To compound things one of my flu sufferers fell putting up her Christmas tree and did a nasty job of breaking her wrist. So, the poor thing not only has the flu but a broken wrist as well. Then, I pulled a muscle in my leg and side, so I've been limping around, smelling like icy hot pain rub. Fun stuff....Not. I'm off to the chiropractor for first time ever to see if he can help. I've been feeling like I'm 100 years old lately. Yuck.

That's about all I know from this neck of the woods for now. Hopefully things will improve around here.

Hope you are staying warm and having some quality stitching time!